Top 6 Best Distance Golf Ball For Slow Swing Speeds: 2023 Updated

Picking the right golf ball for your swing speed is one of the easier ways to improve your scores. It’s not going to magically fix your game but it’s something that should lower your scores by a few strokes. In this post, I’m going to be talking about the best golf balls for people with slower swing speeds.

It’s hard to say which one will give you the most distance because everyone’s swing is slightly different. All of them are great golf balls though so you can’t go wrong with any of them. The best thing to do is give them a try and see for yourself what you have the best results with.


What a lot of these balls have in common are they’re 2 or 3 piece balls, they don’t have a huge amount of spin, and the compression on them is fairly low. Those are all important things to factor in when you’re looking for a ball. If you want to see which balls have a low spin and low compression you can see the full info list here. Continue reading for the full details of each ball and why they’re good for slower swing speeds.

Titleist Tour Soft

If you’re a fan of Titleist golf balls then these could be the ones for you. They’re a little bit more expensive than other balls on this list but if you’re fine with that, these should suit your game really well. If you’re a beginner or higher handicap golfer then you’ll probably want to go with something cheaper.

This is a softer golf ball that offers great distance and respectable spin. It’s pretty similar to the Srixon Soft Feel (if you’ve ever used those) but they were slightly longer for me. They weren’t the most forgiving balls but they were still pretty good.

At Grand Cypress Testing the New Titleist Tour Soft

The one thing I didn’t really like about these (and some of the other Titleist balls) is the durability. They didn’t tend to last very long if you make solid contact with your hits. They would get knicked up every round and I know a lot of people won’t want to replace their ball that often.

I found these balls to be very similar to the Pro V1’s (but cheaper). If you’re a scratch player you might find a difference but for everyone else, I highly doubt it. I know people who have fast and slow swing speeds who use these balls. Check the price on Amazon.

Bridgestone e12 Soft

If you’re a fan of Bridgestone golf then you might want to check these out. They’re reasonably priced (around $2 per ball) and their distance is top-notch for people with slower swing speeds. They won’t be the best if you’re a lower handicap but for everyone else, they’ll do the job.

The main goal with these balls is to be straight and long and that was definitely the case after trying them. I think they’ll be the perfect ball if you’re a senior because they do launch high and straight which is going to help with your distance.

Bridgestone e12 Golf Balls

The first thing that could be an issue with these balls was the feel. They are a softer ball that is going to take away the feedback on mishits and it can sometimes feel a bit mushy (some people do like that). The second thing has to do with shot shaping. They are really straight which makes them not the best if you want to draw or fade the ball.

Other than those two things, these golf balls were awesome. If you just want to hit the ball far and keep it in the fairway, these could be right for you. Check the price on Amazon.

Noodle Long And Soft

One of the more overlooked golf balls on the market is the Noodle. It’s a cheap ball and a lot of people think they’re cheap because they aren’t very good. That is not the case at all and I actually really enjoy hitting these balls.

If you’re tight on a budget and have a slower swing speed then you might want to give these a try. They aren’t the longest balls on the market if you have a faster swing speed but they’re extremely forgiving which will help a lot of mid to high handicaps.


Most of the time, when you hit the ball straighter you’ll get a lot more distance. That was definitely the case with these. They don’t have the most spin and they aren’t the easiest to shape (draw/fade) but most people don’t even need that.

They’re priced under a dollar per ball and that makes them one of the best bang for your buck golf balls out there. If you’re just an average player and want to hit it long and straight, go with these balls. See our full review.

Wilson Fifty Elite

Another overlooked (but awesome) golf ball is the Fifty Elite from Wilson. I find them to be very similar to the Noodle balls but I like them slightly more because of their performance close to the green. The distance, price, and forgiveness are great on these balls (same as Noodle) but I found they had a bit more stopping power on the green.

They are a softer ball that is good for people with slower swing speeds and they don’t take much force to compress them. They also are pretty durable and the average person should get a number of rounds out of each ball (if they don’t lose them).

wilson staff 50 elite

They aren’t going to be the best if you’re a better player or someone with faster swing speeds. You won’t be able to shape these as well as you’d like, there won’t be as much spin, and they’ll probably be a bit too soft.

If you’re just an average player who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on golf balls but you still want something that’ll perform well, these could be the ones for you. They’re probably my favorite golf ball in this price rangeCheck the price on Amazon.

Srixon Soft Feel

These are my current favorite golf balls and find them to be one of the most complete balls for my swing. They are reasonably priced, feel really solid, last a decent amount of time, and perform really well in all situations.

They don’t have the most spin, aren’t the longest, and aren’t the most forgiving but they are in my top three for all those categories. A buddy of mine works in a golf shop and he’s always saying these balls get sold out fairly quickly.


The first time I used one of these balls was when I found one in the bushes. I’d lost a few balls by the 6th hole but I ended up using this when I found it and it actually lasted me the rest of the round. From that point on, I’ve been using these balls.

If you’re a better player you might not like these as much as something else but they’re great for the average golfer. They have good distance, respectable forgiveness, and decent spin around the green. See our full review.

Callaway ERC Soft

If you like softer balls from Callaway and want the one with the most distance, this will be the one for you. They’re going to be great for people who have slower swing speeds, don’t drive the ball too far (under 220), and have a bit of a curve to their shots.

They are a bit more expensive than the Srixon balls and I don’t use them myself but I do know a lot of people who absolutely love these. I don’t use them because the Srixon balls suit my swing a bit better and they’re cheaper as well.


These are great balls if you want a slightly straighter shot and that’s something that can improve your distance. They’re also the most forgiving golf ball from Callaway (who couldn’t benefit from that).

A lot of people who’ve been using the Chrome Soft or SuperSoft balls from Callaway have switched to these balls. They are a bit cheaper and perform just as well (if not better) so why not give them a try. Check the price on Amazon.

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