Golf Ball Information Chart 2023 (Layers, Spin, Compression)

In this post, I’m going to be listing all the information about all of the latest golf balls. We’ll be covering layers, spin rate, compression, and other information you’d want to know about the most popular golf balls on the market.

Golf ball layers are how many pieces the ball is made from. Most balls these days are made from between 2 and 5 layers. 2 piece balls are generally cheaper and are designed for higher handicap or beginner golfers. They normally produce low spin and are great for golfers who hook or slice the ball. 3 piece balls have a bit more spin to them and 5 pieces usually have the most.

Golf ball spin is how many spins the ball will have. Low spin balls are designed for the average player who hooks or slices the ball often. Medium spin balls are designed for the player who wants a bit more spin to stop the ball on the green or draw/fade the ball. High spin balls are designed for scratch players who want the most control over the ball.

Golf BallLayersLong Game SpinShort Game SpinCompressionFeelSwing Speed Best ForPrice
Bridgestone Tour B X3 PieceMidHighMedium (85)MidFastAdvanced$44.99
Bridgestone Tour B XS3 PieceMidHighMedium (85)SoftFastAdvanced$44.99
Bridgestone Tour B RX3 PieceMidHighLow (65)MidMidIntermediate/
Bridgestone Tour B RXS3 PieceMidHighLow (65)SoftMidIntermediate/

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