Garmin Approach CT10 vs Arccos Caddie Sensors – Which Sensors Are Best?

I’ve been in the market for a new club tracking system and the two most popular devices are the Garmin CT10 and the Arccos Caddie Sensors. They’re both pretty similar but in this post, we’ll be covering the key similarities and differences.

The main difference between the two club trackers is that the Arccos Sensors come with a built-in GPS. This will tell you the distance to different parts of the course and you’ll be able to see a course overview on your phone.

Having a built-in GPS that’ll give you yardages to different spots is super valuable and I’d highly recommend you get something that’ll give you that info. It’s one of the easiest ways to become more consistent because you’ll know how far you hit each club and how far you have to the hole. Continue reading for the full details on each device.

What Does The Garmin CT10 Do?

The Garmin CT10 is a sensor system that screws into each club and will record and store all your club stats. It’ll tell you how far you normally hit each club and will keep track of stats such as greens and fairways hit in regulation.

It’s currently priced at around $260 and will come with 14 sensors (one for each club). One of the cooler features it has is that it’ll show you where your common misses were. You can then use this info to work on your game to get rid of your common mishits.

You’ll be able to download the free app that will automatically record everything so you can go in after to review everything and see what area needs work. If you want to get the most info possible then you’ll need to get one of the Garmin golf watches. This will record things automatically and give you full details. It’s not needed for the CT10 though. Here’s a demo video:

Garmin Approach CT10: How to Get Started Using the Golf Club Trackers

What Does The Arccos Caddie Do?

These sensors will tell you how far you hit each shot, where your common misses are, and see stats such as greens/fairways in regulation. It also comes with a GPS feature on it that will give you the distance to the green, hazards, and doglegs.

The Arccos sensors are pretty similar to the CT10 sensors and are priced at around $220. They come with one sensor for each club and screw into the top of each grip. Exactly the same as the CT10.

Microsoft helped create them and all you have to do is screw them into your grips, download the app, take a swing, and the stats will be send to the app so you can review them.

It also has the Plays Like function which will take into account elevation and give you adjusted yardage. It’ll actually recommend what club to hit based on where you’re at. Here’s a demo video:

Arccos Caddie Preview

Garmin CT10 vs Arccos Caddie

The main difference between these club tracking sensors is that the Arccos system comes with a built-in GPS that will tell you the distance to any point on the hole using the app on your phone.

The only way to get the GPS function with the CT10 is to pair it with one of the Garmin watches (Garmin S20 or Garmin S60). This will increase the cost by a couple of hundred dollars, which isn’t that ideal.

The CT10 is compatible with Garmin TruSwing which will give more advanced club tracking stats like tempo, dynamic loft, shaft angle, and shaft lean. It’s been discontinued though so you might have a tough time finding one.

Pros Of These Devices

  • Knowing how far you hit each club will really help your distance control and lower your scores.
  • Knowing where your common misses are will give you a concrete thing to practice.

Cons Of These Devices

  • They’re fairly expensive and are only worth it if you’ll use them often.
  • The data isn’t 100% accurate but it’s fairly close.
  • They’re software which can sometimes be glitchy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do the arccos sensors last?

A. The newer Arccos sensors will last around 5 years. I’ve had the older Arccos 360 sensors for 3 years now and they’re still going.

Q. Can you use arccos at the driving range?

A. The Arccos system is only for the course. You need moving GPS locations to get the stats and distances and that’s why it won’t work at the range.

Which Golf Tracker Is Best For You?

Overall, both are good devices and I’d definitely recommend you get some sort of device like this IF you’ll actually use them often.

In our opinion, the Arccos Smart Sensors are the best option because they come with a GPS and the app was better in our opinion.

If you go for the CT10 you’d most likely have to get the Garmin TruSwing and a Garmin watch.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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