The 5 Best Golf Training Aids For Smashing Your Irons: 2023 Updated

If you struggle to make solid contact with your longer irons or have poor accuracy with your shorter irons, you’re going to need to fix that ASAP if you want to lower your scores. The best way to learn would be by taking lessons, but training aids are a good second choice that isn’t as expensive. Here are the best training aids for smashing your irons:

I’m not saying these are the absolute best training aids out there and I’m not saying they’ll fix your game overnight. I’ve used them to work on my game and they’ve all been a big help. You’ll have to be willing to practice with them multiple times per week if you want to get the best results. Continue reading for the full details on each of the trainers.

✅ 5 Best Golf Training Aids For Smashing Your Irons

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Smart Ball

The first thing that can help you smash your irons is the smart ball. All it is is a ball you put between your arms when you swing. It’s going to force you to connect your arms and body and will make you a much more consistent golfer.

Most people have a big disconnect between their arms and body and that can result in less distance or hooks/slices. If you want to improve your consistency and distance then you need to learn how to make everything work together.

The main thing something like this will be for is figuring out your rhythm and timing. Both are super important and this has been a really big help for me. You can also put a strap around your arms (above the elbow) to keep them closer together.

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Speed Trap 2.0

This is one of the best devices on the market for making solid contact and hitting long and straight shots. It’ll help you with alignment, hitting the clubface square, and it’ll even help you learn how to draw or fade the ball.

It’s a little bit on the expensive side but it’s been one of the more helpful things I’ve used (plus, a lot of pros use something similar). All you have to do is place your ball in the middle slot and then hit it. It’ll help you hit the ball in the center of the face because if you don’t, you’ll hit the plastic base.

You can then attach the red rods which will work on your swing plane. If you hit the rods then you’ll know you’re swinging out to in or in to out. You can also use 2 rods to work on your shot shaping (draw and fade).

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Tee Claw

If you’re looking for a cheap training device that can work on a bunch of different aspects of your game, this is it. The main thing this does is it lets you use real tees at the range instead of those crappy rubber tees. It also comes with alignment lanyards though, and those can be used to improve your iron play.

You can use the lanyards to properly align your feet and body, make sure you’re aiming at the target, make sure you’re placing the ball in the right spot, and it can be used to make sure you’re swinging along the right plane.

You can also use it for putting alignment but the main thing I use it for is to keep my body and clubface alignment to the target. Both of those are huge components of making a good solid shot and most amateur players aren’t doing this properly.

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Impact Bag

Another thing you can do to improve your iron play is to get yourself an impact bag. Most people don’t strike the ball squarely and that’s what results in the hooks and slices. An impact bag will show you the correct position at impact and how it should feel (the best way to learn).

If you don’t get a good turn through the swing or your face is too open or closed, you’ll feel it right away. If your clubface is square and you make a good turn, it’ll be a night and day difference.

An impact bag is going to force you to lead with your hands and that’s how you’re going to generate the power to launch the ball out there. Just by using the bag for 10-15 minutes, it made a huge difference when I switched to a real ball.

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The final trainer you might want to consider picking up is the Swingyde. It’s one of the best selling trainers of all time because it’s fairly cheap and it does work. It’s not going to fix your swing overnight, but if you use it often, I see no reason why it wouldn’t benefit your game.

It’s designed to work on your takeaway and have your wrists in the right position at the top of your swing. When you have your wrists in the right position it’ll be way easier to have a good swing arc and stay on the right plane.

It’s also going to help you keep your clubface square. All you have to do is attach it to your club and complete your backswing. At the top, the Swingyde should cup your wrist, and that’s how you know your wrist hinge is good. It’ll also show you the amount of lag you should have in your swing and how to extend to the target after you make contact.

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