Callaway Hyper Lite 3 Stand Bag Review 2023 – An HONEST Opinion

Today, we’re going to be reviewing the Callaway Hyper-Lite 3 bag and I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts after testing it out for myself. I’ve tested quite a few different bags over the past few months, so that being said, how did this one stack up to the rest?

Long story short, even though it wasn’t the cheapest option on the market, I definitely liked the Hyper-Lite and would give it a thumbs up. It’s a great bag for both men and women, it’s got a bunch of colors to pick from, there is more storage than the previous model, and best of all, it has full-length club dividers! I’m not sure if I’d call it my favorite bag at the time of this post, but it’s definitely up there and I would recommend it if you’re in the market for a new bag.

If that’s all the info you were looking for then great. But if you want a more detailed review of the bag, be sure to watch the full video or blog post below!

Callaway Hyper-Lite 3 Bag Review

Callaway Hyper Lite 3 Stand Bag Review | The TRUTH Revealed

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Hyper-Lite 3 First Impressions

I really liked the fact that the bag was available in so many different colors, which makes it great for both men and women. It also had the option for a single or double strap (I went with the single), which was pretty convenient.

The next thing I noticed was that there was more storage than before (17% more according to Callaway), and it had plenty of room for all my stuff. It had 8 pockets total, with one specifically for your phone and one for your drinks.

One of my favorite parts of the bag were the 4 full-length club dividers it had. They won’t get all mixed up and be hard to take out and put away, which was awesome to see. Pretty much all your clubs would fit (plus a couple extra).

That’s cool and all but how did it perform…

How Did The Bag Perform

The bag weighed only 4.6 lbs so it was super light and easy to carry around. I normally always use a pushcart so this wasn’t a huge deal or anything, but a lot of people carry their bag and this one would be easy to lug around.

The stands on it were pretty solid and seem like they’d last a while. Not only that, but the bag itself seemed to be pretty well built and is something that’ll last years (we haven’t had that long, but so far so good).

Like I said before, I normally use a pushcart to carry my bag around, but the shoulder straps were wider and thicker so they were a lot more comfortable than the previous model.

Here’s a demo video:

2018 Callaway Hyper-Lite 3 Stand Bag


  • It’s great for both men and women.
  • It comes in a good range of colors.
  • There is more storage than before.
  • It comes with 4 full-length club dividers.


  • Not many that we could find.
  • It’s a bit more expensive than some other bags (not by much).

The Breakdown

  • Performance score: 9
  • Price score: 8
  • Durability score: 9
  • Personal score: 8.5

My Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hyper-Lite 3 seemed to be a well-built bag and something that’ll last quite a while. It was comfortable to carry around and had plenty of room for all my stuff.

Taking all that into consideration, I’d definitely give it a thumbs up and recommend picking one up if you’re in the market for a new golf bag.

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