The 5 Best Cheap Golf Training Aids: 2023 Updated

I’ve tried a lot of different training aids over the years and most of them have been a huge waste of money. Most of them are way overpriced and some of them didn’t work for me at all. Some were awesome though, so here are some of the best inexpensive training aids for golf:

I’m not saying these are the absolute best trainers out there or that they’ll fix your game overnight. What I am saying is that these are all inexpensive and they have helped me improve my game over time. You’ll have to put in the work and use them often, but if you can do that then you should see improvement.


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The Swingyde

This is a pretty simple training device that attaches to your club and will work on your takeaway and wrist action. It’s going to show you the exact position your wrists should be in throughout the swing. This will help you hit the ball further, straighter, and more consistent.

It’ll also improve your swing arc and keep you on the right plane. What you’ll want to do is attach it to your club and make your swing. When the Swingyde touches your forearm it’ll show you where the top of your swing should be and how much wrist hinge you should have.

You can also use it to improve your ball striking. It really helped me figure out how open or closed my clubface was throughout the swing and that was a big help. Overall, it’s one of the more effective training aids that won’t break the bank (plus, it’s one of the best selling devices of all time). Check out our full review here.

Figure 8 Strap

This is another super simple concept but it’s extremely helpful. What it is is a strap that you put your arms through (just above your elbows) and it’ll help you have a more connected swing. It’ll force you to keep your arms closer together and that’ll improve your timing and prevent overswinging.

It’s going to help you have your arms in the right position and be in the right spot to start the downswing. Overall, it’s going to help you swing on the right plane and that’s going to help your consistency and distance.

It really helped me correct my slice with the driver so if that’s something you struggle with, you might want to give it a try. You could even make your own if you don’t want to spend the money but it’s only around 15-20 bucks.

The Tee Claw

This is another really useful trainer that can be used to work on all aspects of your game. I’ve been using it instead of alignment sticks and they work much better because they’re compact and can stay in my bag. They’re designed for artificial mats but they do work in real grass as well.

The set comes with 4 claws and 5 elastic lanyards and the main concept is to be able to use real tees at the range. We all know that hitting off a rubber tee sucks and being able to practice on real tees is the way you want to go.

The lanyards are there to help with alignment as well which is super helpful. You can use them to work on your feet alignment, ball alignment, hitting draw/fades, or even for alignment on the green. It’s pretty hard to find something else on the market that can improve so many different areas of your game (for a small price).

See our full review here.

Putting Circles

The next inexpensive (but really effective) thing you should get is some putting circles. These are really going to dial in your chipping and putting, which is the best way to lower your scores. They come in a bunch of different sizes but the one I think everyone should have is the 6-foot circle.

When you put these around the hole it’ll give you a better visual on where you need to get the ball. When you’re putting or chipping from a distance it can sometimes feel a bit intimidating when you’re looking at that small hole.

All you should be focusing on is putting or chipping the ball within a 6-foot hole. That seems a lot more manageable and it’s been something that’s really benefited my short game. My only goal with a chip or long putt is to put the ball within the circle. My number of 3 putts dropped a lot after using these.

The Perfect Grip

The final trainer that I’d recommend is something that’ll fix your grip. Most amateurs have the wrong grip and that’s what’s leading to the hook or slice. The more you can do right before you swing, the better. Plus, it’s an easy fix.

The main downside to this device is that it can only be used a few times. Once you have the grip dialed in, you don’t really need to use it anymore because it can’t improve any other area of your game. It’s not that expensive though so it’s not that big of a deal.

Sure, you could just watch some YouTube videos or read some books but I had a hard time figuring out the exact spot I should be holding the club. I either didn’t understand what the person was saying or the pictures weren’t that great. I learn a lot better by actually feeling what it should feel like and I think most people would be the same. Even if you don’t grab this I’d highly recommend you get the proper grip. It’ll help you out big time.

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