Swing Caddie SC100 vs SC200 vs SC300 – Which Golf Monitor Is Best?

In this post, I’m going to be comparing the Swing Caddie SC100 to the SC200, and the SC300. I’ll also share the best place to pick them up.

In short, here is my comparison of the SC100, the SC200, and the SC300. I’d say they’re worth picking up if you plan on using them a lot and have the extra money. They aren’t perfect but they make practice a lot more fun. I’d recommend the SC200 or the SC300 over the 100 because they’re more accurate and have more features.

If that’s all the info you were after then great. If you want a more detailed review or the cheapest place to pick them up, continue reading.

The SC100

Swing Caddie SC100 Portable Golf Launch Monitor Video

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The SC100 is a portable launch monitor that’s currently priced around $250 and will help you understand your golf swing and know how far you hit each club.

You’ll place the SC100 behind you and it’ll tell you your carry distance, ball speed, swing speed, smash factor, and will store data for each club.

It also has 3 modes (Target, Practice, Random).

Target lets you pick a distance to test your consistency.

Random will give you distances and tell you how close you were.

Practice just lets you hit and it’ll tell you your info.

Who Is The SC100 For?

Even though it’s a little expensive, the SC100 is the cheapest of the 3 and is recommended for someone who’s a bit tighter on a budget.

If you go to the range a lot and want to make it more fun and challenging, something like this could be a great thing to pick up.

That being said, I’d probably recommend saving up and getting the SC200 or SC300.

The SC200

Swing Caddie Instructional Video/How to use your Swing Caddie

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The SC200 has a few more additional features than the SC100 and is about $100 more expensive.

The first addition is a Barometric Pressure Calibrator which will help give the most accurate readings possible in different areas.

The second is that it’ll read your distances to you.

The third is that it allows you to adjust the loft angle for each club to get more accurate readings.

Who Is The SC200 For?

In our opinion, the SC200 is the option you should go for if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a device.

It’s worth saving for if you’re considering the SC100 and I find it quite a bit better and more accurate.

Bending over to read the stats on the SC100 is a pain and the voice output is worth the extra cost for me.

The biggest reason for getting something like this (in my opinion) is that it makes practice at the range a lot more fun.

The SC300

SC300 Portable Launch Monitor By Voice Caddie

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The SC300 has the same features as the SC100 and SC200 (and then some) and is around $200 more than the SC200.

The first addition is that it’ll tell you your launch angle and it’ll also give you your apex height.

The second is that it gives almost instant readings.

The third is that it comes with an app and will give you real-time shot data and stats for each club.

Who Is The SC300 For?

I’d only recommend the SC300 to someone who practices a lot and has the spare cash lying around.

It’s a pretty expensive golf device and is only worth picking up if your swing is dialed in (get your swing fixed first if it’s not that good). The Flightscope Mevo is another good option.

If you do practice a lot, have the money, and your swing is good, this could be a great thing to have.

Pros Of These Launch Monitors

  • They make practice more fun and challenging (I ended up getting out more).
  • It’s really useful knowing how far you hit each club (I struggled with distance control before knowing).

Cons Of These Launch Monitors

  • They’re pretty expensive devices to get.
  • They aren’t going to fix a bad swing.
  • The data isn’t 100% accurate (but it’s pretty good).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use them with a practice net?

A. You can but it’s always best to see the shape of your shot.

Q. Can you use them without hitting a ball?

A. You have to hit a golf ball.

Q. Does it tell if you hook or slice the ball?

A. No, that’s why the range is recommended.

Are These Devices Worth It?

Overall, I’d say these are worth considering if you plan on using them a lot and have the money.

They aren’t perfect but they made practice a lot more fun for me, I started getting out more, and my game has been better.

I probably wouldn’t recommend the SC100 (fewer features and isn’t as accurate) but I purchased the SC200 and SC300 and use them a lot.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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