Cleveland UHX vs CBX Irons Review 2023 (And Which Are Right For You)

Cleveland has always made some of my favorite wedges and they’ve put a lot of the same features into their newer irons. In this post, I’m going to be comparing the CBX and UHX irons from Cleveland and talking about which ones are right for you.

Long story short, both of these irons are awesome and I’d highly recommend either of them. They both felt and sounded great at impact, gave a nice and high ball flight, were forgiving out of the rough, and still had the distance. They were very similar for me in terms of distance and spin but I did find the UHX long irons to be a bit easier to hit. The UHX irons are $200 more so it’ll really be up to you whether or not that’s worth the extra cost.

For the majority of weekend golfers, I’d probably recommend the CBX irons. They’re a bit cheaper and will give you pretty much everything you need. They’re one of my favorite irons of this style and I think you’d like them a lot. Continue reading for my full walkthrough of each and the cheapest place to pick them up.


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Sound & Feel

Both of these are game-improvement irons, which don’t always have the best sound and feel to them. Sometimes they can feel a bit hollow and sometimes they can sound really high pitched. I’m not a fan of either of those.

I was pleasantly surprised by how solid they both felt at impact and the sound they generated. Both of them had a nice and clean sound and they felt pretty solid, even on mishits. Some people aren’t going to like that because they don’t offer a whole lot of feedback. That being said, these irons are designed for mid to high handicaps so that probably doesn’t matter.

Here’s a demo video of the CBX irons:


The UHX irons are progressive in that the shorter irons are cavity back while the longer irons are hollow. I was a bit worried that they’d feel different throughout the set but that wasn’t the case at all. All of the clubs felt the same for the most part and they didn’t feel like a game-improvement iron at all.

Overall, the sound and feel of the UHX and CBX irons were top-notch.

Distance & Forgiveness

The most important thing for a mid to high handicap player is the forgiveness and distance of their irons. They want to be able to smack it long and straight down the fairway and aren’t too worried about spin, control, and other stuff like that. If you are looking for that then you might want to look at something else.

The forgiveness these irons provide is something Cleveland has been working on for a long time. I wouldn’t say they’re the most forgiving irons on the market but they still do a great job. Some irons are straight forgiveness but when that’s the case, versatility goes out the window. These irons are very forgiving but they can still be used by slightly better players.

Here’s a demo video of the UHX irons:


The main difference I noticed with these two clubs was in the longer irons. The longer CBX irons are cavity back while the UHX irons are utility-hollow. It wasn’t a night and day difference but I was a bit more consistent with the longer UHX irons off the fairway and out of the rough.

The distance between them was pretty much the same for me when they were struck purely. The launch angle and spin were essentially the same but there was a slight difference in the longer irons. Because the longer UHX irons were a bit more forgiving, they were slightly longer on mishits. When they were both solid they went pretty much the same though.

The Verdict

Overall, both of these irons are super solid and I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them. I think it’ll all come down to how much you have to spend and how often you’ll be using them (casual golfer or every week).

If you have the money to spend and plan on using them a lot then you might want to consider the Cleveland UHX irons (See on Amazon). They have a good amount offset on them so they might not be best for lower handicap players but everything else was super solid. They’re around $200 more than the CBX irons but the longer irons were a bit more consistent for me.

If you’re just an average player who doesn’t want to spend a fortune and you don’t care about the slightly better consistency in the longer irons, go with the Cleveland CBX irons (See on Amazon). They were pretty much the same in every other category and are one of my favorite irons to hit. They’re forgiving, long, and have a solid feel to them. The choice is really up to you but the best thing to do would be trying them out for yourself. Everyone is different and everyone will have a different opinion.

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