Taylormade M6 vs Callaway Epic Flash Driver: 2023 Updated

I’ve always preferred Callaway clubs over Taylormade and never really found the M series driver to work for my game. There’s been a lot of hype for these new drivers and in this post, I’m going to be comparing the Taylormade M6 and Callaway Epic Flash driver.

Long story short, If I had to pick between them I’d go with the M6. Both are great drivers but the Taylormade M6 was slightly better in pretty much all categories. I think it looks slightly better, has a deeper sounding bang, flies straighter, and that resulted in a bit more distance. I was able to hit more fairways with the M6 driver and that’s the main thing I’m looking for.

I’m not saying the M6 will be better for you because it might not be. Your best bet would be to try them out for yourself but in my experience, the M6 was a clear winner. If you want something that spins a bit less you can go with the Taylormade M5 or the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero.

Taylormade M6 vs Callaway Epic Flash... Shot Tracer On Course Test

Looks, Feel & Sound

The first thing I want to talk about is how the drivers look. It’s not really a huge deal because it’s not going to impact the performance but a lot of people buy clubs or shafts because of the way they look. Both are fairly nice but I like the way the M6 looks a lot more. The shape is great, I like the colors, and it gives me the most confidence looking down at it.

The next thing is the way they sound at impact. Again, both are pretty solid sounding drivers but I did prefer the M6. The Callaway had a pretty high pitch sound to it at impact while the M6 was much deeper and sounded a lot more solid. This doesn’t affect performance but some people are super picky with how their clubs sound.

The final thing is the way they feel through impact. This is the main thing that matters to me because I do think it has an effect on the overall performance of your game. Having something that feels solid will boost your confidence on the course and that’s going to help your game a lot. The good news here is that both of them feel really solid and are too close to pick between.


These drivers are suited more for your average weekend golfer and that’s why forgiveness is one of the more important things. Most golfers struggle to hit the center of the face and that’s where the hook or slice comes from. Having forgiveness is going to help with keeping your ball in the fairway and having a decent distance no matter where you hit the face.

Both of them were supposed to have big improvements over the previous years’ models and even though they aren’t going to fix your big slice, I do think they are better than the previous generation.

In saying that, I had the most forgiveness with the Taylormade M6. The Callaway was pretty good but the M6 was clearly better for my game. When I mishit the ball with the Callaway, it was most likely going into the rough. There were a few times when I mishit the M6 and it still managed to hit the fairway.

I’m not going to get into the science behind why that’s the case but it was pretty clear to me who the winner was. Remember, this is coming from someone who didn’t really like Taylormade drivers in the past.


The main thing people look at with their golf clubs is how far they go. That’s all they’re really looking for even though it’s not really going to improve their game. Everyone wants to bomb it miles down the fairway and I found both to be fairly long.

I do have good news though. I found the M6 to be the longest for my swing. It’s probably because it flew straighter which kept it in the fairway and allowed it to roll out. It wasn’t longer by much but it was noticeable for sure.

There were a few times when I hit the Callaway dead center and the Taylormade a bit off the toe and they ended up going the same distance. I think that’s going to be huge for a lot of players. It’s not a gamechanger and it’s not going to fix a bad swing but it was an awesome club.

Again, I’m not saying the M6 will be better for you because a lot of people do use the Callaway. The best thing to do is try them out for yourself but I do think you’ll love either of them. If you want a bit less spin off the tee then you can go with the M5 or the Sub Zero option.

I remember trying the M6 driver when it first came out and wasn’t insanely impressed with it. I thought it was a good driver but nothing to run out and grab. When I did sit down with it for a few hours though it was pretty clear that I had it wrong and has now become one of my favorite drivers.

If you want to pick these up for the lowest price available, you can see the Epic Flash on Amazon and the Taylormade M6 on Amazon. I’ve checked multiple places and these two seem to have the best prices.

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