Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review 2023 – An HONEST Opinion

Having a quality golf bag is important because if you buy the right one, you could have it for the rest of your golfing career. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Callaway Org 14 golf cart bag, sharing my thoughts on whether or not it’s worth the money, and also the best place to pick one up.

The Callaway Org 14 is a great bag for someone who golfs quite often. I like the Org 14 because it offers all the features you’d want. It’s got plenty of room for all your gear and it seems to be a lot more solid than most of the bags we’ve tried in the past (so far anyway). It’s not the most durable and lightest bag we’ve ever seen but everything about it is pretty solid.

When we test out a golf bag we look at how it actually performed, how the quality was, and also how much it cost. It’ll only be worth getting if all three of those boxes are checked. Continue reading for my full review of each and info on where to get them for the best price.

Callaway Org 14 Golf Bag Review

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review - An HONEST Opinion

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My First Impressions Of The Bag

Callaway has been my favorite golf company for a while now and this was one of the first bags I tried out when I was looking around for a new model. I normally use a push or power cart when I golf, and that’s what this bag was designed for. If you carry your bag around the course then this won’t work that well.

The main thing I look for in a golf bag is something that’s durable and will last for years (if not forever). If it’s not, there’s really no point in my opinion. I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to be out buying a new golf bag each year.

Here are some of the features this bag has:

  • 2 magnetic valuables pockets.
  • A magnetic rangefinder holder.
  • 2 insulated drink pockets.
  • 14-way full-length club dividers (as the name suggests).

Here’s a demo video of the bag:

How Was The Bag Quality?

If I’m looking at a golf bag (pretty much any gear or equipment) and the material doesn’t seem to be high quality, I’ll give it a pass all day long. I’ve had a few things that seemed awesome for the first few months only to fall apart soon after. That’s one of the more frustrating things.

This bag is middle of the pack in terms of price and I was glad to see that the material was pretty solid. It didn’t seem to rip and tear like a lot of other bags on the market (guess I should say YET).

For the time we’ve had it, the zippers are holding up nicely and there are no signs of them breaking apart. Even after a number of months, the bag still doesn’t have any issues with the quality.

Was There Lots Of Storage?

The next thing I always look at is how much storage the bag has for not only my clubs, but also my gear, jacket, snacks, and drinks. I don’t bring a whole lot of stuff on the course but the bag needs to have room for the essentials. All of my stuff fits in with no problems.

Not only does it have 14 full-length club dividers, but it also has something like 19 pockets for all your other stuff. I don’t need anywhere close to that many pockets but maybe you do?

Pretty crazy…

I could probably fit twice as much in this bag as I could in my previous, which I guess is kind of cool. I like having the full-length dividers for my clubs because it prevents them from getting jammed up in the bottom.

How Did It Actually Perform?

Obviously, it’s a cart bag so it wasn’t the easiest thing to carry, but that’s not what it’s designed for. Read this if you want a carry bag instead. All I need it to do is have enough storage, fit well on my cart, and be durable.

It fit great in my Clicgear pushcart and the clubs were easy to put in and take out, which was a big improvement over my old bag. I had problems with my clubs getting jammed up but that wasn’t a problem with the Org.

Other than that, there’s not really anything else to test, so I’d give the performance a thumbs up for sure.

Callaway Org 14 Specs

ProductCallaway Org 14
Size35 x 12 x 10 inches
Club Pockets14
Full LengthYes
Putter HolderYes
Cooler PocketYes
Weight6 Lbs

Callaway Org 14 Pros

  • It’s really sturdy and seems to be well built.
  • There was lots of room for all my clubs (woods, hybrids, wedges) and gear.
  • It fit great in all the pushcarts we tested.

Callaway Org 14 Cons

  • It’s a fairly expensive bag compared to others (but the quality is much better).
  • That’s pretty much it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the bag come with a rain hood?

A. Yes, it does.

Q. Does it come with a shoulder strap?

A. Yes, it comes with 1 long strap.

Q. Does the bag come with a putter slot and will an oversized grip fit?

A. Yes, and yes.

The Breakdown

  • Performance Score: 9
  • Price Score: 8
  • Durability Score: 8
  • My Personal Score: 8.5

Is It Worth It?

We haven’t had the bag for too long, but from what we’ve seen and tested, it looks to be a lot more solid and well built compared to most of the other bags we’ve tried. There was more than enough storage, it fits well in pretty much all of the pushcarts we tried, and the material was tough and durable.

It’s not the cheapest bag out there but you normally get what you pay for with this kind of thing. Pay a bit more and get something that’s actually good. That’s why I’m giving it a thumbs up.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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