GolfBuddy WTX+ GPS Golf Watch 2023: An HONEST Review

In this post, I’m going to be reviewing the GolfBuddy WTX+ watch and giving my honest thoughts after giving it a try out on the golf course. It’s a fairly reasonably priced watch that has some decent features, but that being said, how did it perform?

The Golfbuddy WTX+ is a fairly solid golf watch but there are better options out there in its price range (in my opinion). It’s pretty accurate and simple to use but it doesn’t offer any stat tracking or digital scorecards like some of the others. It’s not a bad device but I just preferred others because they had more features.

The things we look at when testing a GPS is how accurate it was, how user-friendly it is, and also the price. Most GPS units don’t check all three boxes and probably aren’t worth picking up, in my opinion. Continue reading if you want a more detailed review and info on the watches we like best.

GolfBuddy WTX+ Watch Review

✅ GolfBuddy WTX+ GPS Watch Review -- An HONEST Opinion

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My First Impressions

I’ve never owned a GolfBuddy product before testing this out so I was really curious to see how it’d perform. My favorite GPS units have always been from Garmin but I’m always looking to see if there are other options out there.

I did find the WTX+ to be a little bulky (most are though) and that’s the reason I’m not the biggest fan of wearing watches. I didn’t find it to be the most comfortable watch on the market but it wasn’t the worst either.

There are over 38,000 courses programmed in (at the time of this post), it was really easy to get set up (about 30 seconds), and it’ll show the distance to the front, back, and center of the green. It didn’t have the most advanced features but it’ll give you 80% of what you need.

Here’s a demo video:


What Does It Track?

The WTX+ will show you the shape of the green along with the distance to the front, middle, and back of the green (just like any other golf GPS). You’ll also be able to see an overhead view of the course so you can see the distance to different locations and hazards.

If you swipe to the right it’ll show you the full map of the hole so you can see where the hazards are and where the 100, 150, and 200-yard layup spots are (I really liked how easy this was).

It doesn’t come with any round analysis or stat tracking like a lot of the others and it also doesn’t come with a scorecard (2 of the biggest downsides in my opinion). You’ll also be able to see how far your shot was.

Was It Easy To Use?

What I did like about the WTX+ was that it was super userfriendly to use (more than others). It’s pretty easy to navigate through all the features and that’s exactly what a lot of people are looking for.

It had a fairly big screen as well and we didn’t have any issues reading it in direct sunlight. It’s not going to be as detailed as some of the higher-end watches but it was still fairly good.

Overall, since it’s a pretty basic watch, there isn’t a whole lot to understand which makes it really simple to use (a lot of non-tech people would appreciate this).

But the big question is.

How Did It Perform?

The most important thing when it comes to these GPS watches is if they’re actually accurate or not.

The accuracy was actually pretty good and was close enough for me (was always within about 5 yards of my laser). Most GPS units are fairly accurate these days but none of them are 100% accurate all the time.

It’s not quite as accurate as a laser (most aren’t) and there were other watches that were slightly better (in our experience) but the WTX+ was definitely better than some.

The only thing I didn’t like about the performance was the battery life and charging time (it took about 4 hours to charge and had a 6-7 hour battery life). It wasn’t terrible by any means but I’d like to see the watch last at least 2 full rounds.

One thing I noticed after a while was that it tended to glitch every now and then. A lot of these watches do have that problem but it did become more and more common the longer I did have it.

Now the pros and cons.


  • The touchscreen makes it simple to use (was more responsive than others).
  • It has a full-color display and is easy to read.
  • It’s rain resistant.
  • It’s fairly comfortable (I’m not much of a watch fan).


  • It doesn’t come with any stats or round analysis.
  • It doesn’t have the longest battery life.
  • Sometimes glitched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What fitness features does it come with?

A. It has a pedometer that tracks cycling, running, and walking.

Q. Can you receive text messages on the WTX+?

A. Yes, you can.

Q. What’s the difference between the WTX and WTX+?

A. The plus is faster (less laggy) and allows you to connect to your phone.

The Breakdown

  • Performance Score: 8
  • Price Score: 7
  • Quality Score: 8
  • My Personal Score: 7.5

Is It Worth It?

In my opinion, it’s a fairly solid golf watch but there are better options out there in the same price range. I’m not saying it’s a bad watch or anything like that but I did prefer others slightly because they had more features.

The WTX+ is pretty accurate and simple to use but I’d like to see it have stat tracking and a scorecard. There were also some negatives that made me like other options a lot more. Check the price on Amazon.

Which watches are my favorite?

As of this post, my favorite golf watches are the Garmin Approach X40 or the Garmin Approach S10.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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