Top 7 Best Fairway Woods For The Money: 2023 Updated

Picking the right fairway wood for your game is super important if you want to be consistent from the fairway. In this post, I’m going to be talking about the 7 best fairway woods for all levels of golfers.

Here are the top 7 fairway woods 2023:

That’s just my own opinion from experience. Picks 1-3 are in that specific order for me but picks 4-7 are in no specific order. Continue reading or watch the video for a more detailed review of each of the balls.


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#7: Mizuno ST190

I’ve never really used Mizuno clubs in the past but was really curious to see how their new woods would perform and I was impressed.

The face on the club is one of the deeper ones I’ve seen and they did that to produce as much ball speed as possible (like drivers).

It wasn’t my favorite wood (the price had a bit to do with that) but It gave me a decent launch, produced less spin than some, and the ball speed was just as high as most.


  • They’re designed to offer more playability off the tee and fairway.
  • The forgiveness was much better than I expected.
  • It sounded and felt solid.


  • It’s a fixed club and isn’t adjustable.
  • The price is quite high.
  • It’s not going to be the best wood for higher handicaps.
  • It wasn’t the longest for me.
The Review: Mizuno ST190 Fairway Woods

#6: Wilson Staff D7

A lot of golfers overlook Wilson products simply because not many pros use them but in my experience, they’re actually a great club for higher handicaps.

The D7 is a great wood if you have a slower swing speed and want more distance and more forgiveness off the tee.

It’s not the most versatile from the deck but it’s incredibly affordable and easy to hit.


  • It’s a light club but still feels solid through impact.
  • The price is much more reasonable than most.
  • It gave me a high and straight ball flight.


  • It’s not adjustable.
  • It won’t be the best option for people with faster swing speeds.
  • It’s not the best if you want to draw or fade the ball.

#5: Cobra F9 Speedback

If you’ve been a fan of Cobra clubs in the past then I’m pretty confident you’ll see even better results with the new F9 Speedback.

It wasn’t the best overall option for my game but I found it to be a great club if you tend to hit the ball fat (because of the bottom rails).

The reason I don’t have it in my top 3 is that I didn’t find it to be as long and as forgiving as some of the others (could be different for you).


  • The smash factor on this club was one of the highest.
  • It was one of the easier woods to hit off the deck and in the rough.
  • The ball flight was high.


  • The price is pretty high.
  • If you’re a higher handicap you’ll get more forgiveness from my #2 pick.
  • If you want the most distance you’ll be better off with my next pick.
Cobra F9 Speedback 3-Wood - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

#4: Callaway Epic Flash

If you’ve liked the previous Epic or Rogue woods from Callaway then you’ll see even better results with the new Epic Flash.

It takes the distance of the Epic and the forgiveness of the Rogue and combines them into one lethal weapon.

It was probably the longest wood on average for me but I couldn’t get myself to feel comfortable swinging it for some reason.


  • It was the longest of the woods for my swing.
  • It was just as forgiving as most.
  • You can get the standard or Sub Zero if you want less spin.


  • The ball trajectory wasn’t as high as I’d like it to be.
  • It’s getting up there in price.
  • It’s not as good as the F9 and some of the others out of the rough.

#3: Ping G400

This had been my favorite fairway wood for a while now because I’ve been using the same driver and am used to it.

It’s probably not the best for higher handicaps or beginners but if you want to be able to control the ball or work it around then this could work.

I didn’t hit this club the longest but it was much more accurate and versatile than the others and that’s why I don’t have many bad things to say.


  • It’s extremely easy to launch consistently.
  • It’s the most versatile wood I’ve used (performance, forgiveness, workability).
  • It’s the perfect size to hit off the tee and also the fairway.


  • There are no alignment aids on the club so it won’t be the best for beginners.
  • It’s not as light as some but I actually prefer that.

#2: Cleveland Launcher HB

If you’re a high handicap or beginner golfer who wants the most forgiveness possible and the highest launches then this is for you.

This is still one of my favorite clubs to this day just because it’s so easy to hit and it almost feels like cheating.

It’s not the longest wood and it’s not the most versatile but it’s the cheapest option on this list and it gets the ball to hit the fairway.


  • It’s the most affordable.
  • It’s the highest launching and straightest wood.
  • I love the way it looks and feels at address.
  • It’ll still work for better players.


  • It’s not the best option out of the rough.
  • There are no adjustment options on it.
  • It doesn’t feel as solid as some of the others but that’s fine if it performs.

#1: TaylorMade M6

This is my current #1 pick because it’s the most complete club out there that can be used by every level of golfer.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of Taylormade drivers over the years but they’ve made some big improvements with the new M5 & M6.

The new M5 & M6 are much more similar compared to the M3 & M4 and the only major difference is that the M5 is adjustable.


  • This will be a great club for beginners and low handicap players (grow into it).
  • It’s incredibly forgiving and still has good distance.
  • I was able to work the ball around (not as much as some).


  • It’s one of the more expensive woods on the market (cheaper than the M5).
  • It’s not adjustable like the M5 (but it’s $100 cheaper).
Taylormade M6 3-Wood - I Thought It Wouldn't Be For Me?!?!

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