19 Degree Hybrid vs 3/5 Wood (Distance | Equivalent | Length)

In recent years, hybrid golf clubs have risen to record levels of popularity. As a result, they’re often regarded as far more forgiving than irons and fairway woods when it comes to hitting them.

In this article, we’ll take a glance at some of the top 19-degree hybrids on the market right now and expose you to some of its important characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages in order to help you pick the ideal club to include in your collection.

Surely, by the end of this post, you will have gathered all of the facts you need to choose the best club for your requirements.

What is a 19 Degree Hybrid?

19 degree hybrids, which are a mix of a long iron and a wooden shaft, are known for their ease of usage. Hybrid clubs have gained in popularity around the world, to the point where many professional tour golfers are now believed to hold these hybrid clubs in their travel bags. 

The degree of lift on golf clubs distinguishes them from one another since loft has an effect on the trajectory and length of shots taken with them.

While a lower loft may be able to hit the ball longer, a higher loft may be able to shoot the ball higher into the sky with greater spin. Therefore 19 Degree Hybrid is the best choice to add to your collection before your net golf trip.

19 Degree Hybrid Distance

A 19-degree hybrid may go approximately 250 yards on a single charge. It is possible to enhance the precision with hybrids since they can endure missed hits. We believe that it is simpler to strike the ball with wood clubs compared to iron clubs since the center of gravity is lower.

It is recommended that you place your ball post and swing slightly below the center of the ball if you want to improve your shot distance. If you are going to hit a tee shot, you must set the ball lower than you normally would, with a third of the ball just above the clubhead at the most.

19 Degree Hybrid Distance Chart

The distance traveled by 19 Degree Hybrid for both men and women of all skill levels is shown in the accompanying chart, which allows you to evaluate your abilities with the data below.

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What is the Best 19 Degree Hybrid?

In many cases, a 19 Degree hybrid is more tempting than a long iron because of the additional forgiveness it provides and the more innovative head design.

They may be a fantastic alternative on lengthy par 3s, can be excellent for hitting low shots out of the woods, and can even be useful when playing from bare lying around the greens. In a nutshell, a 19 Degree hybrid golf club is the most flexible club you can own.

What do we mean by the term “best”? In any case, there are some amazing models available on the market, and we’ve been hard at work developing our selection. Here is the list of the top three 19 Degree Hybrids.

Pinemeadow’s Excel EGU hybrid

Pinemeadow’s Excel EGU hybrid is unquestionably one of the finest $50 hybrids available, and it performs brilliantly in all of the important categories.

One of the club’s most appealing characteristics is the larger sweet spot in the middle of the clubface, which provides a smoother shot landing regardless of where you are standing on the course.

Because the graphite shaft is combined with a stainless-steel tip, this budget hybrid offers everything you might want in a hybrid at an affordable price.

Taylor Made SIM Max Hybrid

The SIM Max is the latest in a long series of TaylorMade prize possession hybrids, and it is both strong and forgiving and is aesthetically pleasing.

With its mid-width shape and size, it rests squarely at the address, and, unlike many other chalked and graphite products, it gives off a wonderfully kind and forgiving appearance, which you will surely like.

With an overall carry of 228 yards, SIM Max is the longest hybrid in 2020, making it a great alternative for club golfers wishing to replace their long and middle irons on the course.

Callaway XR Hybrid

The Callaway XR Hybrid is designed to appeal to the broadest possible variety of players, including those who desire range and flexibility in all situations.

The Callaway XR Hybrid is equipped with new and enhanced technology that makes it simpler to stroke the ball while simultaneously boosting ball distance and speed traveled.

As stated in Callaway’s press release upon introducing the XR hybrid, they are “designed for outrageous speed.”

When it comes to playing, the XR hybrid is a breeze. As a result, it is an excellent club for rescuing you and returning you to play within a fair distance. Because of its low driving trajectory, it performs very well in windy circumstances. 

The shot it generates is likewise higher in altitude, and the ball falls more gently on the greens with less slide than with other methods.

How to Hit a 19 Degree Hybrid

A 19-degree hybrid should be handled the same way as a long iron would be addressed before it. Position yourself a little to the left of the center and swing through the ball.

Before beginning your practice swing, use your hands to provide a minor forward push to the ball, which will encourage ball-first contact.

In addition, try not to hit excessively hard with the hybrid — just let the club do all the real work for you while you concentrate on swing accurately.

A shorter downward swing is used for hybrids, but a sweeping strike is expected for wood. It is recommended that you strike your hybrid very much like iron. Alternatively, you risk striking a weak shot.

19 Degree Hybrid Club Length

For a male golfer, the normal length of 19-degree hybrid clubs is 38.5 inches (steel) or 39 inches in length (graphite).

 The length of a steel shaft for a woman is 37.5 inches, whereas the length of a graphite shaft is 38 inches. In the end, the overall length of a 19-degree hybrid is comparable to those of a 3-wood in terms of length.

Getting your 19-degree hybrid specially made is recommended if you are unusually short or tall. This will guarantee that it is appropriate for your game.

19 Degree Hybrid Off the Tee

If you want to cover great distances off the tee, a 19-degree hybrid is a fantastic choice for your game. It has a total length of around 225 yards and may vary from 210 and 230 yards. Hybrids ranging from 15 to 18 degrees are notoriously difficult to strike.

Hybrids with lofts ranging from 19-22 degrees are preferable off the tee if you’re seeking a simple stroke.

Additionally, the dynamics of your swing have an impact on the length you cover off the tee. Rather than considering the length of a hybrid, it is always a smart option to examine the swing speed while evaluating one.

What is a 19 Degree Hybrid Equivalent To?

In loft measures, 19-degree hybrids are similar to a 5-wood or a 2 iron on the golf course.

Although every golfer is unique, it is crucial to know that some individuals carry a 19-degree hybrid to substitute a 3 wood or 7 iron, based on how frequently they can strike the clubs already in their bag.

Depending on their height and weight, male players could launch 19-degree hybrids 190-230 yards off the course and somewhat less from the fairway.

Because of this, it’s vital to know your distance while determining which clubs to include in your bags so that you don’t end up with identical clubs in your bag.

19 Degree Hybrid Equals What Iron

Getting traditional long irons flying and hitting them constantly well is tough for most players with the 1 and 2 irons, which are now primarily preferred by the world’s greatest players. Most golfers suffer from these irons, which are particularly challenging.

19 Degree Hybrid clubs have taken the role of these longer irons, especially 4-Iron, making life on the course a bit simpler for most of us.

19 Degree Hybrid vs 19 Degree 5 wood

A 19-degree hybrid designed to conventional club lengths will most likely be in the 38.5 to 39-inch range. In comparison, a 5 wood will most likely be in the 41.5-42 range.

The additional three inches will most likely result in a somewhat less precise club (depending on your swing), but it will also provide around 15 to 25 yards greater range.

Additionally, a hybrid will have a head weight of 226-230 grams, while a 5-wood would have a head weight of 217 grams, providing you with various shaft weight alternatives.

Because of the shorter shaft (as well as, the lighter shaft) with hybrid, you will have more control, but at the expense of a shorter distance.

With a 16-oz small head, it’s far simpler to strike a nail right on the head than it is with a 22-oz long wooden head, for example. However, with enough practice, you may be quite good at both.

19 Degree Hybrid vs 3 Wood

According to most players, a 19-degree hybrid is more difficult to hit than a 3 wood, who also believe that 19-degree hybrids result in better ball movement.

Additionally, if you have difficulty getting the ball aloft, especially on the green or even out of the wild, the 19-degree hybrid is indeed a wiser choice for you.

19 Degree Hybrid vs 3 Iron

Making consistent strokes with a 3 iron may be difficult for many golfers, especially when it comes to consistency.

Also possible is the weakening of your original shot as a consequence of this. In this situation, the 19 Degree hybrid club is really useful.

A 19 Degree hybrid may also easily bridge the distance difference and can be quite effective when played off the course compared to a 3 iron.

Your swing style will also determine the kind of hybrids you choose. Many golfers are unable to hit an iron-on at an angle lower than 24 degrees.

17 Degree vs 19 Degree Hybrid

Many golfers like 17-degree hybrids because they assist in bridging the gap in the distance that is left by their irons. Although the 19-degree hybrid is just two clubs more than the iron, it is two clubs less than the 3 wood clubs.

19 Degree Hybrid vs 22 Degree Hybrid

It all depends on how well you hit your ball as well as what you look for in a golf shot. If you have a tendency to shut the face quickly and suffer from a hook, we recommend going with the 22-degree hybrids and lowering the loft (this opens the face at impact).

The opposite is true if you have difficulty hitting the right side of the green. In this case, the 19 Degree Hybrid will aid cover the clubhead at contact.

In terms of distance, we believe that you can go with both, but it might be more crucial to evaluate what swing assistance you need.

19 Degree or 21 Degree Hybrid

The stroke’s pace may better describe the difference between the two shots instead of the club’s effectiveness. The swing of a 21-degree hybrid may result in a greater distance gap than usual if you are using it.

For certain players, the 21-degree hybrid has a minor advantage over the 19-degree hybrid when it comes to distance.

When switching from traditional irons to hybrids, the majority of golfers prefer a smaller gap between the clubs. The main issue in this situation is the difference between the clubs.

When compared to a 21-degree hybrid, a 19-degree hybrid is preferable because it makes hitting the ball easier. With a 19 degree hybrid, it is simple to produce high strokes and low drops on the fly.


Due to the fact that golfers are only able to carry 14 clubs in each bag, many golfers choose to substitute one or maybe more clubs with hybrids.

Having a 19 Degree hybrid club in your bag is typically a sensible choice due to the many applications it may serve. It may be used to substitute clubs that you don’t use very often or that you have difficulty using.

Based on your aptitude with hybrid clubs, you may want to simply add a 19 Degree Hybrid to your collection.

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