17 Degree Hybrid vs 3/4/5 Wood (Distance | Equivalent | Chart)

The 17 degree hybrid distance is deeply related to its main purpose. Like other hybrids, the 17 degree hybrid golf club is meant to make everything on the course less challenging.

Hybrids provide the user with more forgiveness. Recent golf clubs have less clubhead weight, guaranteeing the user more swing speed. Thus, the 17 degree hybrid can be quite beneficial for you in specific situations.

This club allows you to maintain a lower spin rate once the ball lands in the fairway. However, there are more benefits associated with this club. We’ll explore the different elements that make the 17 degree hybrid club an excellent addition to your bag through this article.

What Is a 17 Degree Hybrid Golf Club?

The 17 degree hybrid golf club is a low loft hybrid that’s mostly used to replace certain woods and irons. However, it can only replace certain clubs if they have similar degrees. 17 degrees hybrids are usually used in place of the 5-wood or the 3-wood. They can’t replace drive clubs, though.

Hybrids combine the best of irons and fairway woods. These clubs were introduced to the golf scene about one decade ago. Long irons can be quite complicated to use. Thus, hybrids are a better option for a beginner or intermediate player.

Professionals typically use Irons. On the other hand, hybrids pose as a better option for beginners and intermediate golfers. 17 degree hybrid golf clubs make fairways and off-the-tees easier, too. It’s a good choice if you don’t want to go for the traditional wood golf clubs.

17 Degree Hybrid Distance

Most 17 degree hybrid golf clubs can reach a distance of 190 yards if the golfer’s swing speed is 90mph approximately. It is excellent for covering distance gaps. If necessary, you can choke it down.

17 degree hybrids usually cover more distance than irons. That is because iron clubs have a smaller loft, and therefore, less spin. Fabricants have chosen to do this so the 17º can cover more distance. However, this fact has also made irons more complicated to use than other golf clubs.

17 Degree Hybrid Distance Chart

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What Is the Best 17 Degree Hybrid?

It can be quite challenging to select a 17 degree hybrid with so many options in the market. However, we’ve made this task easier for you. We have thoroughly evaluated and selected three of the best 17 degree hybrid golf clubs you can choose in today’s market.

1. Callaway Golf Mavrik Max Hybrid

You may want to add the Mavrik Max by Callaway for multiple reasons. Besides offering impressive forgiveness, it is also characterized by a noteworthy distance. Furthermore, its high launch makes it exceptional for all kinds of golfers out there.

The Mavrik Max compiles some of the best technology that Callaway has used in previous golf clubs. It combines the Jailbreak technology with the Flash Face.

Furthermore, it grants the user with more ball speed consistency thanks to its oversized head. This oversized head shape results in better turf interaction.

This 17 degree hybrid is especially helpful off the tee. Thanks to its high accuracy, it can also do a good job when you need to hit the fairway.

This club is mostly recommended for golfers looking for consistency. However, it can also be used by high handicappers. It is hugely versatile and offers excellent results for both experienced and beginners.

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2. TaylorMade SiM 2 Rescue Men’s

While the Mavrik Max is excellent for all kinds of golfers, the TaylorMade SiM 2 Rescue Mens is better for high handicappers. Its high ball speed and launch characterize it.

The V-Steel Sole increases the club’s turf interaction, which allows it to have a high launch with a lower center of gravity. Thus, the ball will end up following an arcing trajectory and will land as near to the target as possible.

The TaylorMade SiM 2 Rescue Men’s is quite similar to irons in flight and workability. Furthermore, the asymmetric Thru-Slot Speed Pocket makes its face more flexible and aids you in making consistent shots. It will emphasize low-face strikes.

Additionally, you can adjust the Loft Sleeve within 1.5º. Thus, you can personalize the trajectory and face angle at your convenience.

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3. Majek K5s Golf Hybrid Complete Set

This set is for right-handed golfers. Also, despite the “senior” category, it is actually suitable for all players. The set is composed of different versions of the Majek K5 Hybrid, which has a low spin but achieves greater distances, has a high launch and has excellent forgiveness.

The Majek K5 Hybrid is meant to provide the user with consistency and forgiveness. It will make it easy to launch the ball and maintain it in that position for as long as you need. This will aid you in covering greater distances.

Furthermore, the set includes hybrids with diverse loft ranges. You will get a club from different situations.

If you want golf clubs that provide you with more versatility, control, and distance, then the Majek K5 Hybrid is the best option you can choose.

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How to Hit a 17 Degree Hybrid?

As mentioned above, the 17 degree hybrid can be used on the fairway and off the tee. Both situations are quite different. Here we describe how you can use this golf club to make the most of the moment.

On the Fairway

  • Accommodate the ball:  The ball must remain in the center of the stance. Suppose you’re using an iron when you do it. It is essential to take into account that the ball will follow a long trajectory while achieving greater heights. Therefore, positioning it correctly based on your shot can be quite helpful.
  • Position yourself: Again, imagine you’re about to hit an iron and adopt a similar posture. This shot is quite similar to what you would do with a 2 or 3-iron. Now, keep your hands above the ball. Try to maintain the ball under around the center of your chest.
  • Keep in mind the distance: Hitting on the fairway with a 17 degree hybrid is similar to doing so with an iron. However, when making the shot, keep in mind that the ball will travel farther than it would with an iron. Usually, hybrids can go 4-12 yards more than a 2-iron or a 3-iron.
  • Hit the ball: Once you’re ready, hit the ball as if you were using a long iron. Remember that the ball will have a higher flight, but it will land softly on the ground. You’ll notice there’s a mark on the grass where the golf club came in contact with the hybrid.

Off the Tee

  • Position the ball correctly: The 17 degree hybrid is usually more accurate than irons. Still, it is necessary to tee the ball lower to the tee. This is because degrees are specifically made to hit on the fairway. It can be hard to make a good shot off the tee if the ball if you’ve placed the ball too high.
  • Set the hybrid with the ball: Try to leave the ball about one quarter above your golf club.
  • Practice: You may need to do some adjustments now and then on the course. Thus, it is recommended to practice teeing off with the hybrid first.
  • Position yourself: You can stand a bit closer to the ball, as hybrids have smaller heads. You can swing like you would if you were using a wood club. Level out the swing before making your shot. You can also have a flat downswing while approaching the ball.

17 Degree Hybrid Length

Typically, a 17 degree hybrid golf club is 40.75 inches long. However, as with other golf clubs, there are variations between men’s clubs and women’s clubs.

Men’s hybrids are typically around 40 inches, while women’s clubs are 39 inches. Some people think that hybrids are too long. They often cut them down so they can have more control over the shot. Furthermore, doing this can help you achieve more distances.

If you want to switch your iron with a 17 degree hybrid, try to choose one that doesn’t cover large distance gaps.

Sometimes, golfers find it quite challenging to use a hybrid due to its long length. Therefore, cutting them down can be a good idea if you want to have more control. However, it’s important to take into account that hybrids have long lengths for more speed and distance.

What Is a 17 Degree Hybrid Equivalent To?

A 17 degree hybrid is equal to the 3-wood and 5-wood golf clubs. Therefore, they pose as excellent alternatives to regular woods. Hybrids also grant the user ease of hit and more control over the shots.

What Iron Does a 17 Degree Hybrid Replace?

You can use a 17 degree hybrid club to replace a 1-iron or a 2-iron. Hybrids can replace woods and irons easily as they are a crossway between both of these clubs.

If you’re struggling with your iron, replacing it with a 17 degree hybrid is a good idea. It will help you achieve similar results with less difficulty. Not all golfers can achieve top-notch results with an iron club.

Some golfers argue that you can replace a 3-iron with a 17 degree hybrid. However, a 3-iron makes it challenging to generate the maximum speed. Unless you have good control over the club, your shot won’t reach its full height.

17 Degree Hybrid vs 3-Wood

  • 3-woods are longer than hybrids. However, both clubs can be used interchangeably as they have the same purpose: hitting the ball from the fairway.
  • 3-woods are known for covering more distance than most hybrids.
  • 17 degree hybrids and 3-woods excel when it comes to distance, consistency, and accuracy.
  • 3-woods are more appropriate for professional golfers. Contrary to this, the 17 degree hybrid is better for amateurs. The latter club can still be used by all players regardless of their level of expertise.
  • There are few differences between the 17 degree hybrid and the 3-wood golf clubs. Both of them grant similar results with alike specifications.

17 Degree Hybrid vs 4-Wood

  • 4-woods typically cover more distance than a hybrid. However, hybrids have more accuracy and consistency.
  • Some golfers prefer the 4-wood due to the higher launch they have. Typically, 4-wood golf clubs can cover 188 yards p3 approximately.
  • 17 degree hybrids are shorter and lighter than 4-woods. The former is about 1.5 inches shorter and 80 grams lighter than the latter.
  • 4-woods are more complicated to use due to the longer shaft.

17 Degree Hybrid vs 5-Wood

  • 5-woods have a higher launch compared to 17 degree hybrids. Therefore, they are useful in different situations.
  • On shots on the fairway, the 5-wood is a better option if you’re trying to bring the ball to a halt.
  • 5-woods typically have higher speeds, but both golf clubs have the same length.

17 Degree Hybrid vs 17 Degree Fairway Wood

  • The 17 degree hybrid is a better option if you want easy shots.
  • If you want more control, choose the 17 degree hybrid. Contrary to this, the 17º fairway wood covers more distance.
  • A 17 degree hybrid can make it easier to control the trajectory when there’s too much wind. 
  • 17 degree hybrids hold the greens with ease.


The 17 degree hybrid distance golf club is suitable for diverse situations. Professionals and amateurs can expect to achieve good results with it, regardless of their playstyle. 

While not all players need a 17 degree hybrid in their bags, most golfers worldwide are adding this and more hybrids to their sets. Some names include Justin Rose and Phil Mickelson, for instance.

It’s also worth noting that these clubs are typically used for more consistency. If you’ve been struggling on the fairway and off the tee, perhaps adding a 17 degree hybrid to your bag can help. It is a hugely versatile club, after all!

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