What Kind Of Golf Ball Should A Lady Golfer Use?

Picking the right golf ball for your swing is something that’s overlooked by most golfers. Most people just grab whatever’s on sale and go with that. It could be hurting your game. In this post, I’m going to be talking about the best kind of golf ball for lady golfers.

The best type of golf ball for a lady golfer is going to be a 2 or 3 piece ball with lower spin and lower compression. The average player with an average swing speed will get more distance, less curve, and higher launches with these balls. Some examples of this type of ball are the Callaway Supersoft, Srixon Soft Feel Lady, and Bridgestone e6 Lady.

If you are a better player with a faster swing speed then you might see better results with something else. I tried to aim this article for the majority of players. Most people have swing speeds under 80 MPH and shoot well over par. This is my personal opinion about what will give you the best results. Let’s jump in.

What Type Of Ball Should You Use?

When it comes to what type of golf ball to use you’ll have 5 different choices. You can pick from a 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 piece golf ball and each of them have their pros and cons. In my opinion, the best type of women’s golf ball would be a 2 or 3 piece ball. It’ll give you the best bang for your buck and it’s what my girlfriend has been using as of late.

The reason I’m recommending a 2 or 3 piece golf ball is that they’ll most likely give you the most distance and will help you keep the ball in play. A lot of the newer 4 and 5 piece golf balls are made for professional players and they’re designed to spin a lot (for stopping on the green quickly). The downside is that it’ll cause slices and hooks if you’re not careful.

wilson staff fifty elite

If you’re someone who just wants long and straight shots then you should probably stick with a 2 piece golf ball. They’re generally cheaper as well and tend to last longer than other balls, which is a plus in my mind. The main downside to these balls is that they aren’t as easy to shape around and control (I’m sure you don’t care about that). Most of the woman-specific balls are 2 pieces but you don’t really have to use a woman-specific ball.

If you do want a bit more control over the ball for drawing and fading, you’ll probably want to get a 3 piece golf ball. They’re normally a bit more expensive and won’t last quite as long (if you don’t lose it first). I don’t think they’ll give you as much distance but they’ll be easier to hit high or low and they’ll stop a little bit quicker on the green.

If I was to sum things up then I’d say if you’re just an average player who wants to hit it long and straight down the fairway, go with a 2 piece. If you want a bit more versatility and are a better player, go with a 3 piece.

Just in case you were wondering, a 1 piece golf ball is what’s used at a lot of driving ranges. They don’t go nearly as far and aren’t worth bringing to the course, in my opinion. A 4 piece golf ball is designed to explode off the tee and spin a lot with your irons. It might sound good but that spin could kill your game.

5 piece golf balls take that concept and make it even better. More distance and more spin. I don’t use a 4 or 5 piece ball myself and would only recommend them for scratch players who want the most control over their shots. For the rest of us, a 2 or 3 piece ball should do just fine. See how many layers each ball has.

Should You Use A High Or Low Spinning Ball?

We kind of covered this already and you probably know my opinion. If you’re an average woman’s golfer then you should be using a lower spinning golf ball. 2 and 3 piece golf balls have the option between high and low spin so it’s important that you really make sure.

If you tend to hook or slice the ball off the tee then you’ll definitely benefit from a lower spinning ball. It’s not going to fix it or anything like that but it will help. Your shots will most likely be straighter and that’ll give you more distance. It’s not fancy golf but it should help you lower scores.

If you’re a pretty good player and want some stopping power on the green, you can go with a mid spinning golf ball. You probably won’t be able to hit the ball as far but it’ll be easier to control the shape of the ball flight and how quickly it stops on the green.

I’m sure you’re not a professional player and that’s why I see no reason to get a high spinning ball. It’ll have it’s benefits to better players but the average person won’t be able to hit the ball well enough to see them. Most golfers can’t spin the ball and you’ll get a bunch of U-Shaped shots. I don’t use this type of ball myself. See how much spin each ball has.

What Compression Should Your Ball Be?

I’m going to assume you don’t have the fastest swing speed and that’s why I’m going to recommend a lower compression golf ball for woman golfers. Having something that’s a lower compression will give you more distance, straighter shots, and higher launches. All good things if you ask me.

A low compression ball takes less force to compress the ball. The opposite of a higher compression ball. The majority of average players use the wrong ball because they’re trying to be Tiger and it’s hurting their game. If you aren’t able to compress the ball then your distance will suffer and you’ll probably slice the ball a lot.

The compression of a ball is between 0 and 200. ProV1 balls are somewhere around 100. I think anywhere under 60 will give you the best results. If you do have a faster swing speed and are a better player (why are you reading this?) then you can go ahead and try something higher. See the compression of each ball.

What’s The Best Golf Ball For A Lady Golfer?

I’m going to be listing my favorite golf balls below that check the boxes we just talked about. I’m not saying they’ll be the best for you but I think they’re worth giving a try. I’ll include balls from different brands as well.

Callaway Supersoft

callaway supersoft

This is one of my favorite golf balls from Callaway and if you like a softer ball then this could be for you. It’s a 2 piece design, it’s lower spinning, and the compression is somewhere around 40. It’s super easy to hit and it’ll help you get the most distance and straighter shots off the tee. Check the current price on Amazon.

Srixon Soft Feel Ladies

Srixon Soft Feel Ladies

These are the lady’s version but the standard Soft Feel balls are actually my favorite. The compression on these balls is around 60 but the benefit is that they’ll spin a bit better than the Supersoft. They have a 2 piece design and are made to give you distance and straightness off the tee. Check the current price on Amazon.

Bridgestone e6 Ladies

Bridgestone e6 Ladies

These are awesome golf balls and are quite similar to the Supersoft balls. The compression on them is around 40 as well (super low) and they’re a softer feeling ball. It is a 3 piece design that does have its pros and cons, but overall, it’s another really solid golf ball that you might want to check out. Check the current price on Amazon.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

wilson staff 50 elite

These balls are another one of my favorites and are the ones I use in the winter. They’re the cheapest ball on this list but everything about them is super solid. They’re a 2 piece golf ball that’ll generate low spin off the tee. As the name says, they’re a 50 compression ball. On a budget? Go with these. Check the current price on Amazon.

Taylormade Project (S)

Taylormade Project S

These are currently my favorite golf balls from Taylormade. I haven’t always been the biggest fan but they are growing on me. I think the S stands for soft and they have a compression of 60. Another 2 piece golf ball that could be perfect for your game. Check the current price on Amazon.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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