We Reveal The 3 Best Push Carts For Golf: 2023 Updated

I use a pushcart around 90% of the time so that’s why it was important for me to pick the best possible one without having to spend a fortune. Today, I’m going to be going over the 3 best push carts for golf so you can get the highest quality one that’ll last for years, and I’ll also talk about the cheapest place to pick each of them up.

When we were trying out all the golf carts we ranked them all based on how they performed on the course, how durable they were, and also how much they cost. We tried the best we could to find a cheaper option as well as a more expensive one.

That being said, here are the best golf pushcarts:

  1. Clicgear 3.5+.
  2. Bag Boy Quad XL.
  3. CaddyTek V3.

Continue reading for my full review of each and info on where to get them for the best price…

The 3 Best Golf Pushcarts

✅ Best Push Carts For Golf -- Top 3

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#3: CaddyTek V3 Pushcart

This is by far my favorite “cheaper” pushcart and even though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it’s still built really well and will do the job. It doesn’t have the grippiest wheels and it’s not the most heavy-duty option out there but it’ll be perfect for the weekend golfer or someone who’s tighter on a budget.

It has an umbrella holder, a drink holder, and a mesh bag to hold your gear (which is all you really need in a pushcart). The bag didn’t have as much storage as some of the other carts but it would still hold a rangefinder, phone, and some snacks.

It’s pretty simple to fold down and set up and it comes with a step on brake (would be nice to have a hand brake but it’s cheap so I’ll learn to live with it). Other than that, there wasn’t much to complain about.

Let’s cover some PROS:

  • It’s probably the most sturdy cart in its price range.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • It has all the basic features you’d want and is of high quality.

Now the CONS:

  • It’s not the lightest cart on the market.
  • It’s a bit bulky when folded (but not too bad).
  • The wheels aren’t the best for wet courses (not too much grip).

Overall, if you’re tight on a budget, this will be for you. Check the price on Amazon. Here’s a demo video:

#2: Bag Boy Quad XL Pushcart

This is my favorite 4wheel pushcart and if you’re looking for sturdiness, this is the one for you. Bag Boy has been making carts for years now and I actually still have one that’s over 10 years old and still running around the course.

The wheels are slightly better than the previous CaddyTek (but not quite as good as my #1 pick). The material seems a bit more heavy-duty and they do grip a little bit better when things get wet out.

It’s also a bit more compact (which is really handy) and is super easy to set up and takedown. All you really have to do is press a button and you’re good to go. Some carts are a bit complex to take down and I really don’t know why. This was simple enough for anyone to set up and takedown.

It doesn’t have the best brake in the world but it’s good enough to get the job done. Everything else was awesome.

Let’s cover some PROS:

  • It comes with all the basic features such as an umbrella and a drink holder.
  • It’s super sturdy (one of the best).
  • The handle can be adjusted to your height.

Now the CONS:

  • I’d like to see a zipper or drawstring on the storage bag (it’s just open).
  • The brake wasn’t the best (but it does do the job).

Overall, one of the best carts on the market and probably my favorite 4-wheelerSee our full review here. Here’s a demo video:


#1: Clicgear 3.5+ Pushcart

This is my favorite pushcart currently on the market and it’s actually the best selling option right now. The reason I like it is that it’s probably the most complete cart on the market and it’s really not that expensive.

The quality of the frame is definitely better than most and the wheels were great for wet courses (which are most of the courses in my area for 8 months). Some wheels get torn up and won’t grip anything as soon as it gets wet, but these are definitely solid.

It still has all the basic features the other carts have but the thing I liked best was the hand brake (instead of the foot brake) which was a lot more convenient. It’s way easier to flick a switch with your hand rather than looking down for the small footswitch.

How about PROS:

  • It’s the sturdiest 3 wheel pushcart I’ve owned myself.
  • It’s really easy to set up and takedown.
  • The hand brake is a lot better than the others and it comes with good accessories.

Now the CONS:

  • It’s the most expensive of the 3 carts.
  • It’s not the most compact cart on the market.
  • It’s also fairly heavy (because of the heavy-duty/sturdy frame).

Overall, my favorite pushcart of 2023 and would highly recommend itSee our full review here. Here’s a demo video:


Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new golf cart I’d highly recommend checking out one of the three we talked about. They’re all well built, perform well, and are reasonably priced. The one you decide to go with will all depend on your budget and what style you like best.

If you have the budget and want the highest quality option, go with the Clicgear. If you’re a bit tighter on a budget or are only golfing a few times per year, go with the CaddyTek or Bag Boy.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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