Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review 2023 – An HONEST Opinion

Today, we’re going to be reviewing the Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder and I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts after testing out the device. I’ve tried and tested quite a few different rangefinders over the past little bit and have used Bushnell products in the past for hunting (and they’ve been great), so that being said, how did this one perform for me?

Long story short, there wasn’t really anything we could see wrong with the X2. It’s a high-end and expensive device, but the pros outweigh the cons for me. Just like any other laser rangefinder, it doesn’t work the best if it’s super foggy out but there’s no way around that. I found it to be a super well-built rangefinder and is probably the best looking/best feeling one I’ve tested. It’ll read targets up to 450 yards (don’t know why you’d need it that long anyway) and it gives quick and easy readings. Overall, I really liked the X2 and that’s why I’d recommend it.

If that’s all the info you were looking for then great. But if you want a more detailed review of the rangefinder, be sure to watch the full video or blog post below!

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder: An HONEST Review

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Bushnell Pro X2 First Impressions

The first thing I noticed with this rangefinder is how durable and expensive it felt when I picked it up. A lot of the other devices I’ve tested out over the past little bit have felt more like toys than gear, so that was definitely nice to see.

I also really liked the look of the X2 and it was probably the most comfortable and easy to use device I’ve tested. Some of them were hard to lock in on targets, but I found this one a lot easier.

Overall, first impressions were pretty solid but how did it perform…

How Did The Rangefinder Perform?

The main thing I like about Bushnell products (other than quality) is the fact that they’re extremely reliable and quick to give back a reading. Some of the other devices took a bit to lock in and if you had shaky hands it made it pretty tough at times.

This one was pretty bang on in terms of reading and it ranges up to 450 yards (which you’ll never need on the course).

The only downside was that it didn’t perform the best in heavy fog (no laser rangefinder will) so that’s something to know for sure.

Overall, the performance was just as I expected and the X2 does the job it was made to do.

Here’s a demo video:

Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder Review

Who’s It Best For/Not For?

There are a lot of awesome features with the X2 like being able to quickly switch between slope and no slope mode by simply flicking a switch (it’s a lot easier than other models).

There are also different display settings to suit whatever preference you have.

But that being said, those new features mean a higher price and even though it’s a superior product, it probably wouldn’t be the best for someone on a budget or someone who doesn’t golf a lot.


  • It’s an extremely durable and well-made rangefinder.
  • It’s the best looking and most comfortable one I’ve tested yet.
  • It reads up to 450 yards.
  • It’s one of the easiest and quickest reading devices.


  • It doesn’t work the best in a heavy fog.
  • It’s expensive.

The Breakdown

  • Performance score: 10
  • Price score: 7
  • Durability score: 10
  • Personal score: 9

My Final Thoughts

The reason the X2 didn’t get a perfect 10 was simply because of the price. The performance was awesome and it was really well built.

If you’re an average weekend golfer I’d probably stick to a half-priced model because that’s all you’ll really need. If you’re playing a lot and want a top-notch device that’ll work for years, this is worth every penny in my opinion.

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