Taylormade M2 Hybrid Review 2023 – An HONEST Opinion

Today, we’re going to be reviewing the Taylormade M2 hybrid and I’ll be sharing my honest thoughts after testing out the club. Hybrids are one of my favorite clubs and I’ve tried and tested quite a few. That being said, how did I like the Taylormade M2?

Long story short, if you like hitting your fairway woods you’ll probably like the M2. It’s bigger than the M1 and almost looks like a smaller fairway wood. It’s priced great (for a high-end wood) and it’s got great forgiveness built-in. I really liked how easy it was to align properly and it felt super comfortable. For me, the distance was near the top in terms of hybrids, and it was pretty easy to hit out of bad lies. Overall, I really liked the M2 and I’d give it a thumbs up.

If that’s all the info you were looking for then great. But if you wanted a more detailed review, be sure to watch the full video or check out the blog post below.

Taylormade M2 First Impressions

The first thing I noticed was the M2 was slightly bigger than my previous hybrid and almost looked like a smaller fairway wood. The good news, I’ve always hit my woods pretty well so it was an easy transition. A lot of mid to high handicap golfers struggle to hit their long irons, and something like this would be a good substitute.

The M2 has a slightly taller face than the M1 which was to increase forgiveness and I definitely noticed it. I found the M1 pretty tough to hit, and this one was a lot better.

I also found the M2 to be super easy to align properly which was a big help. Some hybrids don’t give much alignment help, so it was nice to see that. The only thing I didn’t really like about the M2 was the sound. Other clubs sounded a lot better at impact, but the only thing that really matters is the performance…

How Did The Hybrid Perform?

From my experience, the M2 clubs were made for the mid to high handicap golfer with a slower swing speed while the M1 series was the opposite. I could definitely hit the M2 a lot better than the M1, but my distance wasn’t as long as some other hybrids out there. It wasn’t a big difference, but it was a few yards on average.

The M2 gave me a mid-height ball flight and the consistency was a lot better than I was expecting. It wasn’t the longest hybrid (for me) but the consistency it gave me was top-notch.

Another thing I liked about the M2 was that it was relatively easy to hit out of all lies. That’s kind of the main point behind a hybrid (or rescue) club and the M2 was a lot better than other hybrids we tested.

Overall, the performance was pretty solid. Here’s a demo video:

TaylorMade M2 Hybrid

Who’s It Best For/Not For?

Since it’s on the cheaper end in terms of price, I think anyone in the market for a new hybrid could benefit from it. Obviously, it’s going to be better for people with a slower swing speed, but it’s still an extremely good club for the price.

If you want something that’s more like an iron,  has more customization, and is better for working the ball around (draw/fade) then you’d probably want to go with the M1 (or newer M3).


  • The price is extremely reasonable.
  • It has a bigger speed pocket than before.
  • It gave me more forgiveness than M1.
  • It had good alignment help.
  • It was good out of all lies.


  • It wasn’t the best sounding club at impact.
  • Not many adjustments.

The Breakdown

  • Performance score: 9
  • Price score: 10
  • Comfort & feel score: 8
  • Personal score: 8.5

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I really liked the M2 hybrid and would give it a thumbs up. Even though it wasn’t the longest hybrid (for me) it still was super easy to hit and the price was right.

I’d say, if you’re in the market for a new hybrid, you can’t really go wrong with the M2 (or newer M4).

Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any questions!

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