What Is The Most Durable Golf Glove?

If you’re anything like me you’re probably sick and tired of burning through golf gloves every couple of months. My hand sweats and it makes the glove all crusty when it dries. That might not have to be the case anymore though and in this post, I’m going to be talking about the most durable golf glove on the market.

The most durable (and my new favorite) golf glove is the CaddyDaddy Claw. It’s a glove with a breathable top and a silicone palm which makes it last 3-4x longer than a leather glove. The mesh lets my hand breath a bit better so they aren’t as sweaty and the silicone isn’t going to crack or harden. Overall, it’s the most comfortable glove I’ve used so I’d highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

It’s not going to be the best option if you’re golfing in cold weather but any other time it works great. It’s way more flexible than a leather glove so it gives you a lot more feel when you’re playing. It’s a newer design that came out at the end of 2019 and I couldn’t imagine switching back to leather. Continue reading for the full details of the Claw and where to get it.

The Quality

The main thing that intrigued me was that this glove didn’t harden or crack and it was supposed to last 3-4x longer than leather. If you have sweaty hands then you probably know how gross a leather glove can get after a few rounds. They get crusty, dirty, and eventually crack.

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The cool thing about the Claw is that you can machine wash it. The palm isn’t going to get as dirty and a leather glove would (since it’s silicone) so you don’t have to wash it often but it’s something I like to do every now and then. It’s only 20 bucks as well which is what I’d spend on a glove anyway.

The mesh top isn’t going to be as durable as leather so you’ll want to avoid being rough on that but the durability of the palm was definitely better than leather. I’ve used it a number of times and the palm still looks brand new. Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the Claw (you can see our review here).

The Performance

The most important thing with a glove is that it actually performs well and is comfortable. You could have the most durable glove on the planet, but if it’s not comfy, there’s really no point in using it. All I can ask for with a glove is for it to last a long time, be comfortable to wear and provide a good amount of grip.

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Let’s start with comfort. Long story short, it’s probably the most comfortable glove I’ve used. It’s thinner than leather which gives it more flexibility and that’s going to give you a lot more feel. Not only that, but my hand didn’t sweat as much either and it wasn’t as hot and uncomfortable as leather would be.

Now for the amount of grip. I like to have a good amount of grip and that’s why I replace my grips and glove often. I didn’t expect the silicone palm to grip as well as leather but it actually did. I don’t know if it was because I was trying something new but my club felt a lot more secure when I used this glove. And yes, it works well when it’s wet.


  • The price is super reasonable for something that lasts longer.
  • It’s the most comfortable glove I’ve used.
  • It works well in wet conditions.
  • My hand doesn’t sweat as much (still does a bit).


  • It won’t be warm enough for winter golf (depends where you live).
  • There isn’t as much grip on the top if you interlock your fingers.
  • The mesh will tear if you’re rough on it.

Where To Get It

Overall, if you’re someone who wears a glove playing golf (or you don’t) I really think you should give this glove a try. Even if it didn’t last as long as leather, I’d still use it because of how comfy it is and how good it grips. I use this glove 90% of the time and the only time I don’t is when it’s super cold out.

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If you want to pick one up you can go to the CaddyDaddy website or grab one on Amazon (best place we could find). They’re around 20 bucks, which is super reasonable if you ask me and I would probably pay a little bit more.

I’ve used pretty much every type of glove out there. All the real leather gloves, the synthetic options, and whatever else is out there. Nothing I’ve tried to this point has been as comfortable as the Claw and performed as well. Give it a try for yourself and you might find yourself switching as I did.

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