Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS Review 2023 – An HONEST Opinion

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking into different rangefinders and GPS units to add to my bag. Some were a lot better than others and in this post, I’ll be doing a review of the Garmin Approach G6.

I know what you’re here for and long story short, I really liked the Garmin G6 and would recommend it. It came out of the box with over 27,000 courses already programmed in, so all the courses in my area were on it already. Out of all the GPS units I tested, this one was a lot easier to set up and it had one of the cleanest interfaces. Finally, there were no additional fees and most importantly, it was actually accurate (some were way off so this was nice to see).

If that’s all you wanted to hear then great. But if you want a more detailed review, be sure to watch the video below or check out the full review to learn more.

Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS Review

Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS Review: Truth Revealed

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Garmin Approach G6 First Impressions

I only decided recently that I should be adding some sort of distance finder to my bag. I was constantly misjudging my distances and I knew it was time. The G6 intrigued me because Garmin has always been a quality brand, it came with over 27,000 courses programmed in, and it also tracked stats like greens/fairways in regulation.

The first thing I noticed about it was that there was no setup process. Some other units out there were a bit more difficult so it was nice to see this work right away.

The interface was great and it gave a nice 2D overview of the hole I was on so I could see bunkers, water, and the green. Honestly, just the additional features alone were pretty badass and I considered getting it for those alone…

I could see my shot distance, putts per round, and even track my round.

Overall, first impressions were good, but what about performance?

How Did It Perform?

If the performance isn’t there, there’s really no point in having something like this. I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect or anything like that. I knew a laser rangefinder would be more accurate and I’ve tested other GPS devices that were way off. Surprisingly, the G6 actually was a lot more accurate than I expected.

I brought my laser rangefinder out with me to test the accuracy and it was pretty much bang on. It wasn’t always a 100% match but plus or minus a few yards is completely fine with me.

A couple of things that could be improved would be having a longer battery life and making the touch screen a little easier to use. Not a huge deal or anything like that but definitely something to work on.

The battery seemed to last 2-3 rounds which weren’t that bad, but hey, why not make it last longer?

The touchscreen is pretty much like any other touch device. It’s a small screen so sometimes it can be a bit tricky touching the thing you want.

Here’s a demo video:

Garmin G6 Approach Golf GPS Review

Who’s It Best For/Not For?

I would say the G6 would be for someone who golfs a lot and isn’t worried about spending money on a device like this. It’s definitely not the cheapest option out there, but it does the job well.

If you’re someone who golfs every now and then or is tight on a budget, I probably wouldn’t recommend picking something like this up. That’s just my opinion…


  • It comes with over 27,000 courses already programmed in.
  • There’s no setup.
  • Easily see distances to hazards and greens.
  • Measures shot distances.
  • Tracks greens/fairways/putts per round.
  • It comes with a digital scorecard.
  • Near the top in terms of accuracy.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • It can be a bit tricky using the touchscreen.
  • The battery could last a bit longer.

Is The G6 Worth It?

Overall, I really liked the G6 and would recommend picking it up if you’re someone who golfs a lot and are willing to put out the money. Out of all the devices I’ve tested out, this one is definitely near the top of my list.

The performance was there, it was fairly simple to use, and seemed to be well built.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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