Z Star XV vs Pro V1x 2022: Which is the Best Srixon / Titleist?

Z Star XV and Pro V1x are the two golf balls that most of us have used the most often over the previous several seasons. They are extremely comparable. To choose which one I like, I continuously debate between the two.

So the selection between the Srixon Z Star and the Pro V1X is a contest that takes place in my golf bag on a round-to-round basis.

Not only that, but these also appear to be two that dominated the market as of writing this article. So let’s have a look at some of the distinctions between these two golf balls to assist you in making a selection that will help you improve your score.

The Pro V1x will very certainly continue to be the most popular ball on the market, but I believe many people who purchase branded balls “since they’re the best” would be amazed at how much money they might save by switching to a lower-priced ball that provides comparable performance.

However, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go through our review, you should opt for the Titleist Pro V1x.

Difference between Z Star XV and Pro V1X 

The company’s estimates of feel and other characteristics are used in the following table. It is more essential how well the ball behaves for you than for others.

Depending on the aspect of your game you would like to improve the most will influence to a large degree which one of the two balls would be the greatest choice for you, or if you’d be good off with a different sort of golf ball.

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Srixon Z-Star XV

This premium golf ball from Srixon features a lot of attributes that low handicap players are looking for in a ball of this caliber. Since it entered the market almost ten years ago, it has gained popularity and seems to be a good contender to the big dog on the street, the Pro V1x.

With the Srixon Z-Star XV ball, you can anticipate a considerable amount of spin at its max. It will also provide you with excellent stopping control while on the course. There has a 338 dimple pattern, which reduces drag while simultaneously increasing lift.

As a result, the total distance between the ball and the ground is raised, and the ball will drive straight.

It also can withstand some of the most severe wind situations with ease. It is a four-piece ball with a compression of 105 pounds per square inch. The structure of this golf ball will also provide you with a greater launch angle.

They are quite noticeable, and the yellow balls among them are strongly recommended for driving range with long yardages.

Titleist Pro V1x

These are white golf balls that fly more and more consistently than other balls of the same size and color. Although the spin rate of these balls is quite low, there is an excellent piercing trajectory to these balls. The feel of these balls is much softer.

Using a revamped method of solid core, the ball is manufactured. It is an essential element that contributes to the ball reaching longer distances.

It is encased in a high-flex shell that is quicker and offers additional speed. It also has a calming effect on the long game spin.

It is a very robust ball with a comparatively softer cover than most other balls in its class. As a result, you should anticipate less game control while using this ball. For improved fairway spin, a urethane elastomer is used to construct the cover.

It also has a tetrahedral dimple pattern that is spherically inclined, a unique feature. Therefore, it has been adjusted to ensure that the Pro V1 x delivers consistent flight performance.

Breaking it Down

Because of the extremely competitive nature of today’s market, golf balls are no longer the same as they were a few years ago, and getting the proper ball is no longer as straightforward as it once was.

Now that there is an unlimited range of balls available, purchasing has become even more challenging.

We investigated to provide you with some knowledge of the Srixon Z Star XV versus Pro V1X argument. We have evaluated the characteristics that both items provide to ensure that you have the best possible decision before making your purchase.


The Srixon Z Star XV is a mid-range launch ball. For golfers with quick swing speeds, a ball with a mid-launch may provide much more command than a ball with a greater launch.

The majority of amateur golfers like golf balls with a high launch angle. A greater ball flight is beneficial when playing wedge shots or drives, regardless of the club you are using.

Greater ball flight is a good thing, but it might end in far too much elevation and reduced distance when combined with a high stroke speed. The ability of players to control their ball flight is the most significant component. If you wish to take a low hit, you should decide how low you shoot. You can do it with the Srixon Z Star XV.

The Pro V1 X has a slightly higher flight profile than the Z Star XV, which might challenge players with quick swings.

Golfers who want to drive the golf ball much higher may try the Pro V1X. Nevertheless, the performance level and control of the Srixon Z Star XV define it as the superior option.

Thus making Srixon Z Star XV the winner of this round.


A decent golf ball must bring all of its components together perfectly to provide the desired sensation. When selecting a golf ball, the most important thing is your taste. The core and shell of the ball will decide how soft or hard the ball will be on impact.

A urethane cover is used to construct the Srixon Z Star XV golf ball. It is a high-end golf ball that is stiffer to feel and more durable.

When you push the club through to the putter, you will notice the hardness of the grip. The compression on this ball, on the other hand, is a little milder.

The architecture of the cover is what allows for this compression. Because it is a tougher golf ball, it might provide you with more distance. The downside is that it can make it more difficult to manage.

On the other hand, a tougher ball is ideal for players who are skilled at maintaining precise control of their ball.

The Pro V1 x is softer than the Srixon Z Star XV, which is good. It is comparable in appearance to the vintage golf balls formerly made with rubber thread to which it is identical. A large number of professional golfers also utilize softballs.

Pro V1x has a compression of 108.4, which contributes to generating much more distance. They also tend to tee straighter, making the Titleist Pro V1x the definitive winner in terms of feel.

Fairway Spin

When purchasing high-quality golf balls, a major consideration is how smoothly they spin around the green. In situations where a golf ball doesn’t stop when you do need it to, it will be more challenging to get the intended outcomes.

Let’s see how both of these manufacturers tackle this issue.

The Srixon Z Star XV balls have been enhanced to a 4th Generation Spin Skin, a significant improvement. This is the technique that Srixon employs to ensure a connection between the grooves and the edge of the wedge.

While a soft feel is desirable, the gripping force and interplay of grooves and indentations cause the golf ball to stop where it should.

Once it comes to spins around the green, the Pro V1x golf balls were always the best. Ball speed and superior spin continue to improve with each subsequent generation of this ball.

The shell on the most recent edition of the Pro V1x is a little softer, which allows for even more backspin on shorter strokes than previous versions of the club.

The Pro V1x golf ball has the greatest overall performance, even though both of these balls have excellent spin. Due to its longer release distance than the Pro V1x, the Z Star XV continues to be a little more difficult to control, making the Pro V1x the winner of this round.


Putting is a crucial part of golf that many players strive to perfect throughout their careers. You may have some excellent putting days as well as those that are just bad. In any event, your aim is a critical factor in deciding how well you will execute your putting strokes.

On the Srixon Z Star, the putting stroke is a little more difficult to master than it is on the Pro V1X. It is entirely up to the individual golfer’s taste and choice when we talk about putting. Tests on the course are the only way to determine the best putting performance you can achieve.

Many individuals like the Srixon Z-Star since it is more difficult to put on. As a result, determining the distance becomes much easy to do. It also makes it very simple to determine whether you haven’t been able to strike the putter’s face in the middle.

The ball is softer, and you can find yourself putting with it feeling mushy at times. While not very mushy, it is on the mushy side of things. This may be a deterrent if you prefer a more difficult putting stroke.

However, this is a personal preference, and you should experiment with it to see whether or not the softness is something you like.

Some golfers prefer softer putting because it allows them to strike the golf ball considerably higher off the ground. It is also a good choice for those who are just getting started. Softer balls are also simple to use to reduce excessive spin on the ball.


Golf is indeed a rich people’s game. So if you are a dedicated golfer, you should consider golf balls to be valuable investment items in your game. Choosing quality golf balls will ensure that you get the most out of your game. Continue reading to find out how much each of the two will cost.

The Srixon Z Star XV is a more affordable alternative to the Pro V1. You are welcome to purchase this ball at a fair price. It is among the most reasonably priced elite golf balls available on the market today.

The Pro V1x is a somewhat more costly alternative than the Srixon ZV Star, but it is still an excellent choice. The price difference, on the other hand, is just marginal. If the Pro V1X is a good match for your game style, you should just go ahead and get it.

However, the cheaper option is Srixon Z Star XV and thus the winner here.

Which Golf Ball Is Better?

Any choice of the two balls must be somewhat subjective. There is basically little variation in terms of specifications and functionality.

Each of the categories above has several advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, get a box of both and give them a try. After thorough research and evaluation, I conclude that the Titleist Pro V1X is better.

The true explanation for this is the spinning around the greens. Whenever you hit a nice wedge shot with a Pro V1X, it comes to a complete halt just where you want it to. I like the feeling of the ball, although it was expensive but worth it.

Z Star XV vs Pro V1x Alternatives

There isn’t much difference between these two balls when it comes to performance if you are an amateur. If you play for fun and not for a tour and tend to lose far more of your fair share, here are some other cheap alternatives that are most popular in the market.

Who Plays Srixon Z Star XV?

Shane Lowry, Graeme Mc Dowell, and Hideki Matsuyama are among the most popular golfers that play with the Srixon Z Star XV in tours.

Should I Use Srixon Z Star or XV?

With higher compression and low spin, the XV is a better option.

Srixon Z Star XV, Is It as Long As Pro V1x?

No, but the Srixon’s Z-Star XV is the most comparable ball to the Pro V1x.


We’ve compared and contrasted the Srixon Z Star XV with the Pro V1X. It should give you a sense of how they stack up against one another.

Our analysis indicates that the Pro V1X performs marginally better than the Srixon Z Star XV. This is because it provides excellent distance, spin, and the feel terrific.

Although Pro V1X is Srixon Z Star XV competitively pricey but is an excellent alternative for someone with strong control. Additionally, it is impervious to wind and enables a clean golf swing.

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