Bridgestone E6 vs E12 Golf Balls 2023: Which One To Pick?

Over the years, Bridgestone has been producing some of the finest golf balls. They came up with many series of golf balls, targeting different types of consumers each time. Each series has its specialty. And, to deliver the highest performance, you need to find the perfect match for you.

The E6 and the E12 have been introduced by Bridgestone as top-performing balls for amateurs.

If you want to buy something that doesn’t come with an expensive price tag and also don’t want to compromise on quality, one of them could be a good deal. Both these balls belong to the same series.

The E12 is the latest from the series. So, all the improvements needed in E6 have been made in E12. In this article, we’ll try to compare these evenly matched balls from different perspectives.

If you don’t have enough time to go through the whole comparison, in the battle between Bridgestone E6 vs E12 golf balls, our pick is the E12 golf balls.

Now, let’s get into the detailed comparison!

Bridgestone E6 vs E12 in 2023: What Are We Looking At?

A good golf ball is a prerequisite for a good performance. You keep your club delighted when you choose a high-quality golf ball. Of course, the contrary is also correct.

You would like a ball that offers you the most distance whenever you strike it with the club. The core of a golf ball is another thing to keep in mind because it impacts how well you can control a ball. A softball, rather than a solid one, will provide you with more control and help you maintain the game even better.

There are many costly four-piece and five-piece golf balls out there that you probably do not need. The E6 and E12 are two good choices for beginners and semi-pro golfers.

Before diving into detailed analyses of these balls, it’s important to understand the fundamental differences between the E6 and the E12. If the cost is not something you’re worried about, go for the E12 series golf balls.

It is a more recent and improved edition of the E6, meaning there are more technological advancements in the newer one.

In E12, you get a mantle layer between the center and the covering, allowing for greater distance while playing without losing comfort. If the compression of the ball and the budget are more significant to you, the E6 may appeal to you.

We’ll try to compare these two balls based on the following things:

  • Key features and build quality.
  • Which ball has more spin?
  • Pricing
  • Usage of these balls on PGA tour.
  • Which one performs better off the tee?
  • Which ball performs better on the green?
  • Which one can cover more distance?
  • Which one is the best option for an amateur golfer?

Bridgestone E6 vs E12 in 2023: Review and Comparison

The Bridgestone E series, which includes the Bridgestone E6 and Bridgestone E12 soft golf balls, is Bridgestone’s most popular line of golf balls. This line offers both distance and forgiveness for a variety of players. In this table we’ve tried to gather all the key features of these balls side-by-side:

Bridgestone also produces specialty ball models that include the Bridgestone B RX and the Bridgestone Tour B XS. In this table we’ve tried to gather all the key features of these balls side-by-side:

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We will compare the Bridgestone E6 golf ball with the Bridgestone E12 golf ball. We’ll look at reviews from users to see how these two balls stack up against each other.

Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

The Bridgestone E6 series balls are one of the oldest golf balls that are still available on the market. Bridgestone has been producing these balls for over 15 years now. No real update was made on E6 till the last year. The core is a bit bigger and the compression is softer now.

Unlike the trending balls of recent times, the ball is a two-piece construction, meaning there is no middle layer in the middle. It is suitable for players with an average swing speed, something like 85 mph.

This is a perfect ball for a regular golfer who hasn’t quite made it to the scratch golfer yet. You will get pretty decent distance coverage using this ball.


  • Construction: Two-Piece construction
  • Covering: Surlyn
  • Compression: low compression
  • Spin: Low spin
  • Distance: High distance coverage

Design & Core

You’ll get a softer and bigger compression core than those of the previous models in this series. For players with a better swing speed, this design will provide a little more distance.

Bridgestone E12 Golf Balls Review

It has the lowest compression of 44. It is designed to fly straighter, producing less spin when you hit it off-center.

The ball has less compression due to the softer core. It will allow your club to bounce the golf ball off easily.

The layer lying in between the covering and the shell is also kept soft to minimize the spin. Reducing their slice makes it easy for amateurs to keep the ball straight.


The ball is covered with a Surlyn cover, which is basically a type of ionomer resin. It is harder than the urethane cover used in the latest golf balls and allows the ball to cover a bit more distance. It can resist scratches better than other golf balls covered by urethane.

Surlyn covers produce less spin, especially while playing around the greens, limiting your ability to shape the strokes. But this shouldn’t be a disappointment, as the philosophy of the E6 series was to create a suitable ball for amateur golfers with more control.


Despite their high quality, the ball’s covering is a little mushy, allowing your blades to easily scratch the surface.

However, given the low price as well as ample backspin, this can be easily compromised. Especially with the speed and feel it provides, you can definitely give it a shot.


Because of the softer build, Bridgestone E6 balls will have substantially less hook and also less spin. As a result, amateur players can enhance their accuracy, distance, and ball flight. 

Due to the lack of an advanced urethane layer, elite players with higher swing speeds may realize that the ball will not perform to their expectations.


The Bridgestone E6 is built in a manner to provide extra distance coverage without sacrificing performance around the green. Especially the long iron spin along with low driver provides a great result distance-wise. 

Also, the air resistance is more developed with the delta dimple patterns to ensure a longer swing.


The E6 series golf balls come with a delightful price tag. The people seeking help here to choose the right golf for them are mostly amateurs. They want a ball that has low compression. As a result, they want to spend more on entry-level golf balls.

Well, it’s a low-cost option compared to other golf balls at this level.

Who Should Buy E6 Golf Balls?

The Bridgestone E6 golf balls are designed for medium and high handicappers who want speed without sacrificing softness. Although the ball is made keeping distance coverage in mind, it can provide good performance around the green.

Bridgestone E12 Golf Balls

Bridgestone E12 series golf balls are the newest in this series. This is a high-quality golf ball series comprising of E12 softballs and the latest E12 contact golf balls. Bridgestone came up with the E12 contact series in 2021.

It is a three-piece construction, having more advanced technology than the E6 golf balls. The company put a lot of concentration on the dimple design. This technique is termed “REACTIV” by Bridgestone.

The dimple pattern on the REACTIV cover can absorb the force from the strokes and transfer it towards the core, resulting in better distance coverage. It is designed to keep your strokes as straight as you want them by reducing hook spin.

This series targets the consumers of the E6 series balls who want a better golf ball by spending a little bit more cash. It is perfect for a golfer who has swing shots of around 100mph.

The Bridgestone E12 soft set offers different colors, including white, red, green, and yellow. They also offer an appealing appearance and fantastic features, making them a perfect pick for any golfer. The extra features will appeal to any player. We’ll try to go over the most important ones.


  • Construction: Three-Piece construction with an active mantle layer
  • Cover: Surlyn with delta dimple patterns
  • Compression: Higher compression
  • Spin: Low spin
  • Distance: High distance coverage

Design & Core

Bridgestone has created a stunning design that incorporates a high-quality polymeric substance with additional surfactant. Sounds fantastic, right? You’ll be able to feel the results the design provides on the field.

Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls Review

Both the E12 and E6 series golf balls have similar quality cores. It has a firm compression core that adds some yards when hitting from the tee, especially if you are swinging at a slower pace.

It has a solid polymer-made mantle layer called active acceleration. It’s a more compact mixture with fewer air bubbles to help with energy transmission and ball speed.


Just like the E6 series golf balls, the E12 series also has a Surlyn covering. As you’d expect from an ionomer resin covering, it is more durable and better at resisting scratches. But the spin on this ball is compromised because of that.

Bridgestone E6 vs E12 Golf Balls

A unique dimple pattern called the delta wing is also featured on the shell. This increases the ball speed by increasing the contact of the ball with the club.


Both the E12 contact and the E12 soft are quite durable. E12 golf balls last a long way longer and remain in excellent shape as compared to 18-hole balls.

Furthermore, because of the vibrant colors, they are quite easy to spot in green.


The E12 also has a lower spin. It can be beneficial for amateurs to control the game better. You won’t get a high slice and hook spin on these balls. Bridgestone hasn’t really focused on making a top-spin series with this one.


The distance coverage is amazingly improved in the E12 golf balls. Unlike the E6 series, the E12 golf balls have a three-piece construction with a layer called “active acceleration.”

It increases velocity and allows the ball to attain a quicker launch speed and a better trajectory, increasing the distance covered.

Ball Flight

The E12 series golf balls have a consistent and stable ball flight. The dimple design allows the balls to have this extra stability. The dimple design reduces drag, allowing the ball to have a sleeker airflow, making sure that they reach the target accurately.

Who Should Buy E12 Golf Balls?

If you’re a mid-handicapper, this will suit you the most. This is a low-cost golf ball with some excellent features, including the delta wing dimples and the active acceleration layer.

Bridgestone E6 vs E12: Which One Do PGA Pro Use?

The Bridgestone E6 is a kind of ball you won’t notice on the PGA Tour. They are made for beginners or for people who occasionally play golf. Golfers with slower swing speeds will benefit from the two-layer design and mushy core.

PGA golfers would not require mild compression to aid energy transmission to the ball from the club because their swing speeds exceed 110 MPH.

Even though the E12 series golf balls are a bit better quality-wise, I doubt you’ll see them on the PGA Tour. The balls required on the PGA tour need to be more advanced. The build quality and performance need to be top-notch, which these two balls lack in many aspects.

Which One Has Better Spin?

These are low compression balls with a softer core, which doesn’t quite allow them to provide a ton of spin.

But, the E12 features a three-piece model that enables improved ball handling. The E12’s distinctive dimple design holds the ball upright off the tee. It allows you to have moderate spin while playing approach shots.

Which One Can Covers More Distance?

According to our experts’ analysis, you can hit the ball further and faster off the tea using the E12 golf balls.

The dimples on the outer surface reduce side spin as well as decrease drag. It also has a great flight compared to that of the E6. Bridgestone claims that the newly launched E12 has a higher launch speed, although it is difficult to verify.

High handicappers who swing with low speed will get better results from the E6. So, you can expect decent distance coverage with a minimal spin from the E6 also.

Which One Has Better Performance Off The Tee?

For the factors we just discussed: greater launch speed, distinctive dimple design that lowers drag, straighter distance, and a somewhat stiffer feel, we believe the E12 golf ball is superior off the tee. The dimple design is the most significant factor in hitting the ball off the tee.

Which One Has Better Performance Around The Green?

You won’t notice any significant difference between these two balls while playing on the greens. Bridgestone does have a solid reputation for producing a uniform and spherical golf balls. You can expect both these balls to perform up to their mark on the green.

Bridgestone E6 vs E12: Which One Should I Buy?

One thing is pretty clear from the above discussion: the Bridgestone E6 and the E12 golf balls are evenly matched. Both have similar build quality and performance in different scenarios.

But the E12 is definitely the better option if you do not have any problem with spending 5 extra bucks. It has better features and ball control. It can cover more distance and have better performance around the green and off the tee.

Which Bridgestone Golf Ball Does Tiger Use?

Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball

Tiger Woods uses the Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball. This ball is designed for better players and provides a lower spin off the driver for a longer distance, while also providing more spin around the greens for better control.

What Bridgestone Ball Is Comparable to Pro V1?

The Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball is very comparable to the Titleist Pro V1. In fact, many professional golfers use both balls and find that they offer similar performance.

Some people might prefer the feel of one ball over the other, but for the most part, they perform quite similarly.

When Did Tiger Start Using Bridgestone Golf Balls?

Tiger Woods started using Bridgestone golf balls in 2000, after being with Titleist for his entire professional career. He signed a multi-year deal with Bridgestone and has been a loyal ambassador for the brand ever since.

Tiger talks about trusting the Quality Control of Bridgestone for over 20 years


If you are an amateur or semi-pro golfer, there will be times when you’ll get confused about choosing the right ball for you. But the more you experiment with your golf balls, the better the outcome will be.

If you are an amateur golfer and considering buying a golf ball between the E6 and the E12, you have picked the right battle.

But keeping the design and performance in mind, there is a clear winner between the Bridgestone E6 vs E12 golf balls, the latter one.

But some people might argue that there is no significant difference between these two balls, which is worth spending those extra 5 bucks for.

But trust me, there is a noticeable difference from feeling to distance coverage between E6 and E12 golf balls. If you have any doubts about our opinion, do not hesitate to check it yourself.

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