7 Best Golf Training Aids For Mid Handicap Players: 2023 Updated

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably tried far too many of the gimmicky training aids out there only to find that they don’t actually work. Most of the ones out there are complete garbage if I’m being honest but there have been a few that have been really helpful to my game.

Here are the best golf training aids for mid handicappers golfers 2023:

  • SKLZ Gold Flex.
  • Tee Claw.
  • Putting & Chipping Circles.
  • Speed Trap 2.0.
  • Pressure Putt Trainer.
  • PuttOut Mirror System.
  • Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons.

That’s just my personal opinion from experience. Most of them aren’t in any particular order but my #1 pick has probably been the most helpful. Continue reading or watch the video for a more detailed review of each of the trainers.


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#7: SKLZ Gold Flex

This is a swing trainer that’s only going to be beneficial if you already have a decent swing (which most mid handicaps should have).

I’ve been using this to dial in my lag which is important for increasing clubhead speed and distance on your shots.

If you’re someone who struggles with finding the right tempo or being able to correctly transfer your weight, this could help a lot.


  • It’s much more affordable than other trainers.
  • It’s way more effective than swinging your clubs for practice.
  • It’ll help you condition the muscles used for more power.


  • It is not going to fix a bad swing.
  • It’s fairly long so you’ll probably have to use it outside.
  • It’ll only benefit you if you use it multiple times per week.
How to Use a Whippy Club Such as SKLZ Gold Flex or Orange Whip

#6: Tee Claw (Updated)

If you’re going to be doing any sort of practice you need to get yourself some alignment sticks. In the video above I talked about the standard alignment sticks but I’ve started using the Tee Claw and it’s much better.

The targets at the range aren’t always aligned properly with where you’re shooting from so these are great to make sure you’re on-line.

I always thought my alignment was right but a lot of the time it was quite a bit off and getting something like this I’ve been able to shoot way more consistently. You can also use the tee claw for putting and chipping as well.


  • They’re small and easy to carry around.
  • They’re cheap.
  • I tended to hit the ball fat and it really helped to put one of these behind the ball to make sure I hit down on it.


  • They aren’t super durable and I’ve broken my fair share of these.
  • You’ll need 2 packs to get the most out of them.
  • They won’t fix a bad swing.
Tee Claw | Building the grid

#5: Putting & Chipping Circles

If you’re going to be doing any chipping or putting practice you need to get yourself some of these circles.

I found that having an actual circle to putt or chip into really helped me improve my short game.

When I’m chipping or putting from a distance I’ll put these circles around the hole and my only goal is to get the ball inside the big circle.


  • Phil Mickelson said his goal with a long putt or chip is getting it within 6 ft and these really do help with that.
  • The ones I got were foldable and fit in my bag no problem.


  • They aren’t crazy expensive but I’m sure you could find something cheaper.
  • That’s pretty much it. If you’ll use them often I see no reason why they wouldn’t help your game.
EyeLine Golf: Target Circles by Garrett Froggatte

#4: Speed Trap 2.0

This has been one of the better devices I’ve used to fix the hook I had with my irons.

It didn’t happen every time but every now and then I’d have a major hook and the ball would go straight out of bounds.

This will also help with a slice because it makes you swing on plane (otherwise you’ll hit the foam poles) and it helps you hit down on the ball (otherwise you’ll hit the plate).


  • It’s surprisingly durable and hasn’t broken apart yet.
  • It’s been one of the better devices for striking my irons purer.
  • You can also learn how to draw and fade the ball.


  • It’s not super expensive but it’s getting up there.
  • It can get pretty frustrating the first few times until you get used to it.
  • If you hit the foam poles it’ll go flying off.


#3: Pressure Putt Trainer

If you want to do some putting practice at home this is one of the better devices I’ve seen.

It’s not as good as working on your game at the range but it’s much more effective than hitting into a cup or on a flat surface at home.

It makes practice at home much more fun and it’s cool because it’ll give you real-time feedback on how much you were off-line and if you had too much pace or not.


  • It’ll return the ball the distance it would have gone by the hole if you missed.
  • You need to have the perfect line and the perfect pace to sink a putt on this.


  • It’s a lot tougher than I first thought to sink the putt.
  • I thought it was pretty reasonable but a lot of people are saying it’s a bit too expensive.
PuttOUT Golf Putting Aid

#2: PuttOut Mirror System

This is my all-time favorite putting trainer and I actually use it along with the pressure putt trainer (it makes it easier too).

The putt trainer helps with your pace but this here will work on your alignment (ball and feet) and also positioning.

It also comes with a putting gate that goes between you and the target and I found that really help with my accuracy.


  • If you struggle with starting your putt on-line there is no better trainer that I’ve found.
  • It also acts as a putting mirror to make sure you’re square and have your eyes over the ball.


  • It’s pretty expensive.
  • You can simply use tees to make your own gate and alignment tool (but this works much better if you’re putting at home).

#1: Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons

This isn’t exactly a training aid but if you haven’t already read this book I’d highly recommend it.

There were so many practical things in it that I’ve used to improve my game (and it’s cheap).

Ben Hogan believed any golfer with reasonable coordination could break 80 and this book will show you how.

I’d recommend the book because it has pictures but you can also get a free audiobook.


  • It’s short but super indepth and easy to follow.
  • The grip and stance section was game-changing for me.
  • You can get the Kindle version for the price of a coffee (or free audiobook).


  • Not everything that worked for Ben will work for your game (but it’s worth a try).
  • It’s not going to be a quick fix because you’ll actually have to get out and work on what he talks about.

Click to see it on Amazon or get it for free when you sign up to Audible.

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