Golf Trip Packing List: 6 Essentials You Need to Bring!

Every golfer understands that the secret to a successful golf vacation is to pack wisely.

If you have a well-organized golf bag, you won’t have to trek back and forth on the course or resort for supplies. Packing your vacation luggage is easy if you follow these basic guidelines.

A golf getaway might be stressful if you’re like most of us and have to bring a lot of stuff. What should one bring, and how much will one require?

This golf trip packing list will help ensure that you have all of the essentials packed up and ready for your next round on the green.

How to Pack for a Golf Trip

As previously thought, golf is no longer regarded as a “gentleman’s game”. as previously thought. Women and men are equally enthusiastic about this sport and are keen to improve their abilities.

Many fans join groups to learn from one another and share their valuable advice for improving their game. 

Some people even go on golfing trips in order to have a wonderful time while participating in their favorite sport. If you are also considering a golf getaway, be sure to include these 6 essential items in your luggage.

1. Golf Clubs

Unquestionably, the most crucial item you’ll need for your golf getaway is a set of high-quality golf clubs to bring along with you. However, not every newbie will need the use of a club along their journey.

If you’re just getting started, you may easily rent one of these or grab one from your friends and colleagues.

On the other hand, purchasing a high-quality club is highly recommended since it will assist you in learning the game and motivate you to practice your methods.

When it comes to purchasing a golf club, you don’t have to spend a lot of money upfront. When you reach an intermediate level, it is time to upgrade to higher-quality equipment. Till then, a decent yet reasonably priced golf club will suffice.

2. Clothes

After that, you’ll need a pair or two of comfy golf attire to get into the swing of things. Nowadays, it is considered normal to dress appropriately for golf while participating in the game.

When you go, have a glance at the weather forecast for the venue because this can assist you in selecting the sort of golf clothing you’ll need. 

Go to your local vendor or go online to golf clothing sites and pick from the wide variety of appropriate sets of clothing for your game. This will help you cut costs.

A collared t-shirt is the most popular or primary form of attire item for both women and men when it comes to golf. Appropriate bottoms are golf slacks and khaki pants.

3. Balls

Even though it seems like it should be self-explanatory, you’d be amazed how often we forget to tell you anything.

Make sure you have enough golf balls when you go on any golfing trip, particularly if the location you are visiting contains a lot of lakes. Purchasing a dozen lake balls online is far more cost-effective than purchasing a dozen at the local shop.

4. Shoes

In order to maintain a solid grip and maintain your balance, you must wear the correct golf footwear on the course. Instead of wearing your customary rubber sandals, invest in a pair of soft-spiked golf shoes.

You must practice continuously to obtain a proper posture and enhance your technique.

It is also dependent on how relaxed and competent you are on the field, which is greatly influenced by your wardrobe and footwear selections.

5. Sunglasses

Nothing is worse than getting ready to travel and then finding that you forgot to pack sunglasses when you’re already too far away to turn around. 

Cheap sunglasses may well be found at your local novelty shop, but they generally look just as inexpensive as they cost and do not provide the amount of eye protection required on the golf course.

Therefore, make sure that you grab your trusted sunglasses with you.

6. Overnight Bag

An overnight bag might look unnecessary but let us tell you it’s not.

It is extremely important if you find yourself in a pickle, make sure that you put a first aid kit in the bag along with some pain killers, sunscreen, toiletries, and extra clothing in case of an emergency.

Other than that, you might have everything necessary that you’ve already packed in your main luggage.

Golf Travel (Trip) Packing Checklist

The question is how to pack efficiently enough to save money and space while ensuring that you have everything you’ll need while going on a golf trip.

When traveling by air, packing for a golf vacation might be difficult. The more you take, the more you may have to pay fines and penalties.

Don’t Worry. We have listed out every single crucial item that you will need for your golf trip.


  • Khakis
  • Casual Shirts
  • Fanny Pack
  • Golf Shoes 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Golf Cap
  • Sweater 
  • A Rain Jacket


  • Umbrella 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Toiletries
  • Medication
  • First Aid Kit


  • Golf Clubs
  • Golf Balls 
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Launch Monitor (If you have one)

What to Take on a Guys Golf Trip?

Suppose you are planning to go on a full guys golf trip, then lucky you! But you still have to pack efficiently so that you can fully rely on what you packed.

We advise you to pack everything that you can think of, but you have to remain cautious not to overpack and have to pay extra for baggage.

We will help you with a list of items that you will definitely need for your guys’ golf trip.

1. Golf Gear

As mentioned earlier, golfing gear is very expensive on golf fields, so it is best if you take your own not only will it be budget-friendly so that you can spend more with your friends, but you will also be familiar with the gear. Golf gear consists of the following items:

  • Golf Clubs
  • Golf Balls
  • Different Clubheads

2. Clothing

Clothing is the most important item for your trip. Make sure that you are packed with every outfit appropriate for any occasion. The plain golf shirt will undoubtedly remain in your memory. 

Therefore, it’s time to divert your focus to having some fun with your shirt. Take out your most vibrant, eye-catching golf shirt and flaunt it with pride. Golf outings are designed to be enjoyable, and your attire should reflect that philosophy.

3. Swimwear and Rainwear

Make sure that you are prepared for every possible weather condition. Check the weather forecast daily before leaving for the trip, depending on your location.

Suppose if you are there, and the weather is warm and sunny, you can relax with your buds in the pool, have a swim or even go to the beach if there is one.

But if the forecast shows rain, you always know you have to bring out the rain gear to make sure that you don’t waste a day of your trip. These are the swimwear and Rain gear you will be needing for your guy’s golfing trip: 

  • Shorts
  • Umbrella
  • Rain Coat 
  • Rain Boots 
  • Flip Flops or Sandals 

4. Essentials

These items are most often overlooked, but they are extremely important. Suppose it is sunny in the field; what will you do to protect your skin if you have nothing on you.

Not only will it ruin your plans, but your friends will be bummed about it too. 

So, make sure that you pack these items to make sure that you can fully enjoy your trip. These essential items act as a safety net for you so that you can make the most of your guy’s trip. The essential items are;

  • Sunscreen
  • Mobile Chargers
  • Toiletries
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Medication or Prescription 

5. Shoes

Since you will be walking everywhere, whether on the field or the airport, make sure that you pack a pair of shoes appropriate for golf, like spike shoes and a pair of casual shoes for the night out.

Make sure that you have appropriate shoes for every activity and event that you will be participating in with the guys. 

6. Documents

Having a little compulsiveness is preferable to being regretful regarding the documents you’ll need for travel. Check to see whether you have packed or stored the following items:

  • Passport
  • Your Driver’s License
  • Your ID
  • A copy of your Tickets

These documents are extremely important as they are your identity, and also documents like your driver’s license can be used to rent a car and roam around your travel location with your friends.

7. Extra Cash

It is obvious to always have some extra cash on your hand in case of emergency or to buy something that you think is worth spending on. Ensure that you have $1000 or at least $500 extra cash for the trip.

Essentials for a Scotland Golf Trip (Bonus)

You’ve secured your tickets, a hotel, and those all-important tee dates for your next golf trip to Scotland. Now it’s time to start planning your itinerary.

All that is left is for you to hold on to your enthusiasm while still packing your belongings because Scotland is a country where the weather can be quite variable, especially during the winter months and throughout the spring.

Along with the different golfing and day-to-day goods that you’ll need to make your Scottish golf trip experience as easy and gratifying as possible, that must be your primary emphasis throughout your preparations.

Here are just a handful of the most crucial things to keep in mind.

Rain Gear: Scotland is notorious for being always under the clouds, so it is important that you pack your umbrellas, your raincoats, and boots.

Sweaters and Jackets: Scotland is mostly chilly throughout the year, so it is best that you carry some sweaters and jackets with you to make sure that you don’t get cold.

Aspirin or Prescription: Going to Scotland and not having a drink is a crime, not to mention the food is immaculate, and everyone tries the food as an experience.

In case of any disruption from the food or headaches from the drink, these medications will allow you to enjoy yourself safely.

Golf Gear: Obviously, golf gear is the most crucial thing and does not need to mention. However, we need to tell you that as Scotland is home to green fields, it has one of the most beautiful golf fields, making it a hot spot for golfers, thus making everything golf-related expensive.

So, make sure that you pack your golf clubs and balls with you!

Scotland Golf Trip Packing List

Here are the items that you will definitely be needing for your golf trip to Scotland:

  • Golf Attire 
  • Rain Boots 
  • Raincoat
  • Jacket 
  • Sweater
  • Scarf 
  • Gloves 
  • Wool Socks
  • Golf Shoes 
  • Umbrella 
  • Documents 
  • Waterproof Phone Case
  • Medication 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Golf Hat

You can add more things to the list according to your liking.

How to Dress in Scotland in August and September?

August and September are quite pleasant in Scotland, with temperatures ranging from 60° F during the day and 48° F during the night. It would be appropriate to wear normal golf attire like a collared t-shirt with some khaki pants or slacks based on these weather conditions.

In addition to your fit, you can add a sweater or a jacket in case of breezy weather.

Golf Trip Packing List Printable PDF

Still, worried and think that you will forget the things we mentioned? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Download the pdf below and print out the list of items you must take on a golf trip specially designed for you!

Top Golf Travel Tips - Protect Yourself and Your Clubs


Any trip requires meticulous preparation in advance of action. A golf trip is no different from any other kind of trip. As a result, we discussed what to bring on a golf vacation and what not to bring along.

In addition to this, we gave a piece of comprehensive advice on packing for a golfing trip. You should not have any doubts about following this rule.

So, if you want to make changes to the list, think about the factors first before adding or removing anything.

So, here it is; make the most of your golf getaway by creating a packing checklist and following it through to the end.