Vice Pro vs Pro Plus vs Pro Soft 2022: Review & Comparison Chart

Choosing the right Golf ball is like finding a needle in a haystack. We’ve narrowed down your search to choose a suitable Golf ball.

Competition stands between Vice Pro vs Pro Plus vs Pro Soft. This article also has a Vice golf ball comparison chart to keep all the ball features under your eye.

Newbie or a professional, you still need to compare vice pro vs pro soft or vice pro plus vs pro soft to know better about the differences. However, if a busy schedule doesn’t allow you to do so, you can go for any of these:

Difference Between Vice Golf Pro, Pro Plus and Pro Soft

All golf balls appear to be similar in appearance, but they do not have the same performance and are to be played differently. There are a lot of technical intricacies that go into making golf balls, and this makes every ball different from the other Golf ball.

Let’s review the Vice Golf ball comparison chart and gather all vice pro golf balls review of its soft plus versions and features to filter out the best!

FeaturesVice ProVice Pro PlusVice Pro Soft
Dimple318 dimples336 dimples318 dimples
Urethane CoatedYesYesYes
Surlyn CoatedNoNoNo
Clubhead Speed95-110mph110mph+Below 95mph
Additional ProsWedge spin is extremely high, and the ball travels a significant distance off the tee.Long off the tee and the perfect blend of low drive or high wedge spin.The feel is quite soft, and the ball travels a considerable distance off the tee.
ColorsLime, Neon Lime, Neon Red, Red & Blue, WhiteNeon Lime, Neon Red, WhiteBlue light, Living Coral, Neon Lime, Neon Red, Peach Parfait, Red, and White

Vice Golf creates high-end golf balls, sells them online, and sends them directly to customers. The balls are just as nice as anything else out there, but they’re a lot cheaper.

Vice Pro Golf Balls

Vice Pro Piece casting urethane golf ball features the narrowest cover available, making it a popular choice among young professionals and amateurs aiming to improve their game from tee to green on the course.

In order to provide a steady trajectory, the VICE PRO includes a three-piece cast urethane cover with 318 large dimples. A variety of colors, including neon hues, are available in this variation as an option.

Another key characteristic is the vice pro compression rating, which is +/-86, which places it just below the sweet spot on the scale. You’ll learn more about the compression rating in the article, and you’ll be able to compare it to other vice golf balls competing in the same tournament as well.

Those who swing at speeds ranging from 95 to 110 miles per hour will undoubtedly benefit the most from these balls.

Vice Golf Pro Plus Balls

Let’s move to the vice pro plus balls review. The 4-piece cast urethane cover Vice Golf Pro Plus, designed for high swing speeds and ambitious players, outperforms its predecessor in ball speed, the driver carries- and total distance, as well as mid-iron ball speed and distance.

The Vice Pro Plus is designed for serious golfers who demand the best in terms of performance and durability.

The 4-piece construction and cast urethane cover make this ball one of the most durable on the market, while the 336 dimple design provides exceptional flight characteristics.

 Advanced golfers with a medium to high Clubhead speed will love this ball. Many colors are available, including neon. Talking about vice pro plus compression rating, it’s slightly higher due to the HESC technology.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Moving on to vice pro soft golf balls review, Pro Softballs are aimed at typical players with slow to medium swing speeds. It is significantly softer and has a slightly higher trajectory. It also has a good amount of spin around the green.

 The VICE PRO SOFT features a three-piece urethane cover with a 336 dimple design that provides low compression for an extra soft and responsive feel. 

 Vice pro soft compression rating is slightly decreased compared to other golf balls. Green and red are two vivid neon colors available in vice pro soft.

Golfers with swing speeds under 95 mph will benefit from the Vice Pro Soft. It has a flawless feel and plays wonderfully from tee to green.

Breaking It Down

Amazon customers have given an average rating of 4.6/5 to Vice Golf Balls. In Golf Digest’s analysis of the best golf balls for 2020, the vice tour golf ball received five out of five stars for both ‘Innovation’ and ‘Performance.

As a golfer, you’ll be able to find your winner between Vice Pro vs Pro Plus, vice Pro vs pro soft, or vice pro plus vs vice pro soft after you’re done reading our comparative analysis.

We have broken down all the features mentioned above and gone deep into the details of each vice ball, so you can compare the qualities and verdicts to make your final decision.

“I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles.” – GK Chesterton.

What’s more important for you? Compression rating, pattern, construction, or price? Follow the article and find your way out of the confusion! We’ll talk about the features of Pro, Pro Plus, and pro soft, respectively.

Dimple Pattern

Vice Pro has the same 318-dimple pattern as many other foremost balls. The pattern is the same as on the strongOn Core ELIXR/strong we tested previously, except the latest generation of Foremost-made balls has thinner coverings.

That should result in increased greenside spin, and Vice lists that as one of the advantages.

Vice Pro Plus has a 336 dimple pattern that improves ball flight stability even when playing against the wind. It has a 4 piece construction that makes it go extremely long off the tee.

In the new Vice Pro Soft, air resistance is reduced to a minimum with the new and reduced 318 big dimple design, resulting in a more stable trajectory. The ball has a 3 piece construction to give it a soft feel with a good spin around the green.


Another feature you might be interested to know is the vice pro compression rating. Vice is adhering to a tried-and-true formula. The new Vice Pro is identical to the original in terms of compression for all intents and purposes.

It’s in the sweet spot, with +/- 86 compression, where speed is lost to compression to a bare minimum while delivering a softer feel than a substantial portion of the “Tour” category.

High swing rates are rewarded with more ball speed and thus more driver distance, thanks to the newly developed, higher vice pro plus compression rating. The overall compression of the vice pro plus remains at 95.

When we compare vice pro vs pro plus vs pro soft, the vice pro soft compression rating is comparatively decreased. This is because the thicker mantle and improved Surlyn grade material in the mantle cover help to reduce driver spin and improve ball flight stability.

Clubhead Speed

The force required to hit the ball depends totally on the weight, diameter, and other ball dimensions. Advanced golfers who strive to increase driver distance while retaining maximum spin around the green with Clubhead speeds of 95 to 110 mph.

Advanced Golfers and professionals searched for tour-level performance from tee to green with driver Clubhead speeds of 110 mph or more.

Golfers who are willing to maximize driver distance, extra-soft feel, and maximum spin around the green should choose a driver Clubhead speed of 95mph or less.


The average carry distance for Vice Pro is 285 yards, with a maximum distance of 305 yards. Longer shots benefit from the inner Surlyn ionomer core, which works in tandem with the high energy speedcore to reduce spin.

 The Pro Plus works nicely off the tee, allowing to carry the ball 275 yards on average and run an extra 20 yards. Surprisingly, it is able to get 284 yards to carry and a total distance of 305 yards as tested on the Pro V1x.

 Vice pro soft can be hit with an average of 157 mph off the tee. As a result, you can get a 270-yard carry and probably a 280-yard total distance. You can get a 240mph backspin on average as well.


As listed on Amazon, the price of the Vice Pro golf ball is $34-$36, varying from color to color. The same is the average price for vice pro plus and vice pro soft.

You can also find slightly used vice golf balls on amazon starting from as low as fifteen dollars. Some of the sellers are also selling the new ones at a lower cost of 27-29 dollars with their discount offers.

Which Golf Balls Is Best for Me?

Are you a professional golfer or a newbie? Which wedge do you prefer playing with? What’s your average force and speed of hitting the ball?

These are the things that matter when selecting a suitable golf ball for you. However, keeping the qualities and drawbacks of each ball and their performance on the field, we have found the most suitable option for you.

Comparing vice pro vs pro plus, or vice pro plus vs pro soft, the best-preferred option here is the Pro Plus. Pro Plus has a great overall feel about it. It’s neither incredibly soft nor super hard.

From tee to green, it will be a pleasure to play with this ball. On iron and wedge shots, you can even feel the ball driving into your grooves. They have high durability, will keep their shape well throughout the game, and even if it lands in sand, they will hold firm.

Vice Pro vs Pro Plus vs Pro Soft Alternatives

Summing up the strengths, we decided to provide you with the best alternatives for vice pro balls too! The other amazing golf ball brands are Titleist and Callaway.

Titliest Pro V1 Golf Balls

The ProV1 is Titleist’s premier golf ball. The Pro V1 is by far one of the most popular golf balls among golfers worldwide.

The Pro V1 is a short game control ball that delivers roughly the same driving distance as balls in the “distance” category.

It is meant for professionals and high-level amateurs (single-digit handicaps). It’s also a lot tougher than its balata-covered predecessors, which were prone to scuffs and big cuts.

Callaway Chrome Soft Balls

In the 2015 Golf Digest Hot List, it was the only golf ball to receive five stars for innovation, performance, and feel.

The Chrome Soft includes a Tour Urethane Cover and the all-new “SoftFast” core. As a result, the ball has a lot of spin on the golf course while still maintaining a lot of distance for golfers with slower swing speeds.

The core has a compression of roughly 65, which is substantially lower than a Pro V1 or B330, which have compression of 85-95. This enables golfers with slower swing speeds to hit the ball in the same way as tour players do.

Titliest Pro V1x Golf Balls

Pro V1x balls are primarily designed to provide two things: low spin and high velocity from the driver and other long Clubhead for a big, straight ball flight, and greenside spin control Titleist refers to as “Drop-and-Stop Technology.”

The Titleist Pro V1x moves well on the green if your swing speed is rapid enough, remaining very near to where it lands.

The Pro V1x is a ball designed for golfers with high launch angles and tour-caliber swing speeds (115 mph or greater).

Who Should Use Vice Pro Plus?

With a driver in hand, Pro Plus best suits golfers with high swing speeds that exceed 110 mph. A lower or mid handicap golfer is more likely to benefit from this ball.

It is considered to be a premium golf ball, and we’d suggest you try this in the next game.

Do Any Pros Play Vice?

Yes, a lot of Golf professionals have selected vice golf balls as their first choice. Some international testimonials like Brendan McCarroll, Eric Anders, and Konstantin Schad remarked the balls with robust and well-controlled putts.

Are Vice Pro Soft Balls Good?

Yes, the softballs are remarkably amazing. This ball has a fantastic feel on the clubface. You may feel your wedge’s grooves rubbing against it.

Vice used a cast urethane cover for the Pro Soft to give it a soft feel on the outside. The ball’s clubface is gripped by the urethane cover, resulting in a smooth landing and spin on the green area of the golf course.

Is the Vice Pro Plus a Good Golf Ball?

Since we opted for vice pro plus as the best out of these three, it is a great option to consider playing with it on the course.

Due to the S2TG technology, the Vice Pro Plus has an incredibly soft yet highly durable covering that gives the ball incredible stickiness to the green and an acceptable amount of backspin that is also controlled.

How Many Dimples Does a Vice Pro Plus Have?

It has a 336 dimple pattern that improves ball flight stability even when playing against the wind.

The Vice Pro Plus’s innovative dimple design optimizes flight trajectory and reduces dispersion, allowing you to keep the ball straight even in bad weather while also improving ball control off the club’s face.


The marbles we discussed, including their alternatives, are a perfect choice for your golf game! We had a complete comparative analysis of the Vice pro golf balls and their variants.

Their compression rating, performance, and everything else are all distinct and hold their own specialty. The best considerable option here was the vice pro plus which has a perfect power and swing, incredibly ideal for every professional.

Have you tried the Vice pro golf balls? What are your views on it? Don’t be shy to leave your reviews and comments here!

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