Titleist Golf Ball Comparison Chart in 2023 (Layers & Spin)

The game of golf has dramatically increased in popularity over the last several years, and this upward trend is showing no signs of ebbing in the year 2023.

Golf’s fresh air, wide-open areas, and small groups gave the ideal social distance environment during a pandemic. This gave rise to more people coming to golf and eventually led to high demand for golf equipment like golf balls and golf clubs.

This article will solely focus on the Titleist golf balls as they are one of the most used golf balls by PGA and other pro players. Titleist has perfected its formula of creating the best golf balls and dominated the industry because of it.

In addition to focusing on the golf balls, we will also go through the Titleist golf ball comparison chart to benefit our readers, who are eager to choose the ball that will serve their game the best.

We will also provide a link to a PDF version of the Titleist golf ball comparison chart so that you can download it and print it out for easy reference.

Titleist Golf Ball Comparison Chart in 2023

It is expected of a well-made golf ball to go large distances and hit the sweet spot that you have been practicing on and that it will roll gently on the greens.

The Titleist golf balls are built up of layers, beginning with a malleable rubber core and ending in a sticky covering with dimples.

Despite this, the similarities stop there, as we will discover when we look at this chart that compares the various Titleist golf balls that we like to use.

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Titleist Golf Ball Compression Chart in 2023

Here are the compression rates of Titleist golf balls to see what a compression rating signifies.

Look more closely at this table, and we’ll tell you which golf ball is best for you based on your ability level. The chart below will also offer you the ideal golf ball for your swinging speed.

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Best Titleist Golf Balls You Can Get

In the following section of the article, we will go through the best Titleist golf balls that should be in your bag for every round of golf.

The compression, design, swing speeds, and other considerations all played a role in our decision to go with these particular Titleist golf balls.

We took measures to ensure that when you use these golf balls, you will be at the top of your game, and, whatever the challenges you face, you will be able to make the best play of your life.

Titleist Pro V1x

The new Titleist Pro V1x golf ball is designed to have a longer distance, increased spin and feel on the greens, and a softer feel overall. These improvements were made possible by the ball’s softer construction.

Titleist performed two adjustments to improve distance. After that, the casing layer was altered more rapidly to improve distance by generating more speed and minimizing spin in the long game. This was accomplished by modifying the casing layer.

As the cover material, a newly developed, softer cast urethane is employed so that the finished product would have a more comfortable feel.

The cover has a softer feel to it, but it also spins more freely as you go around the green. They improved their stop-and-drop short game, which is their characteristic move so that they could play with more accuracy around the greens.

Titleist Velocity

The word “velocity” comes from the Latin word for “speed.” This was the true intention behind this golf ball. The golf ball is designed from the ground up to give more velocity in every element, and the Velocity will also encourage lower spin and higher flight.

The Velocity is prepared to deliver results, regardless of whether you want your ball to stand out in the rough. According to the makers, the Velocity Golf Ball has a resilient NaZ+ cover that provides a better feel around the greens.

If the improved distance is more important to you than short-game control and a comfortable feel, Velocity could be the right choice.

The Titleist Velocity golf ball has a softer core, and a quicker cover mix, all of which work together to provide faster ball speed off the ground with minimal spin.

The Titleist Velocity comes in many different colors and is among the most reasonable high-quality medium compression golf balls today!

Titleist Tour Soft

Utilize the new Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls to take your game to the next level. It has a soft feel that is unmatched in the industry and a distance that is unrivaled, all because of the meticulous engineering that went into its creation.

The Tour Soft golf ball boasts Titleist’s biggest core size ever incorporated into it, which results in increased speed and distance off the tee. To improve its performance with short games, the core is wrapped in a very thin shell made of grafted 4CE.

Titleist AVX

The Titleist AVX is a more recent addition to Titleist’s Premium golf ball line. The AVX is ideal for golfers who desire a high-performing golf ball such as the Pro V1 but want a lower putting stroke. It is best for windy days at the golf course.

Because the long game spin is minimal, the AVX is an excellent alternative for players who suffer from accuracy off the fairway and with long irons. This low spin rate reduces inaccurate strokes and loose golf balls, which is always a benefit!

Which Titleist Golf Ball Is Best in Terms of Compression?

Compression is one of several aspects of a golf ball that you should consider when selecting the best ball for your game. However, most experts would say that once you understand the speed of your swing, you can begin from that point.

The comparison chart for Titleist golf balls that we offered is also one of the most in-depth tips. You may depend on these charts, which you can use as the basis for choosing between purchasing golf balls.

If you are a strategic player, we suggest you keep the Pro V1, the Tour Soft, and the TrueFeel, as these Titleist golf balls are perfect for any kind of surface and play!

The Pro V1 with a compression of 90 will help you cover distances, and the Tour Soft will be perfect for getting shots out of the bunker. Last but not least, the TrueFeel will give you the TRUE edge for your slow swings!

How Long Do Titleist Golf Balls Last?

It really depends on how you use them. If you play golf regularly, they may only last a few rounds. But if you only play a few times a year, they could last for years.

Titleist golf balls are made with higher quality construction and material than most other brands, so they may last longer if you take care of them.

You should always store them in a cool, dry place when not in use. And if they get wet, make sure to let them dry completely before putting them back in your bag.

Although we tried our best to cover every possible question and concern you might have, in case we have left some here, some questions might arise after reading this article about Titleist Golf Balls.

Do the Titleist Golf Balls Affect Swing Speeds?

The actual swing speed of the vast majority of golfers stays the same regardless of the club they choose.

The rate at which the ball travels varies as you go through the bag; for example, the speed of the ball is greater with a driver than it is with a mid-short iron.

Because the longer club travels over a broader and longer swing path, it effectively travels for a larger distance, which results in a quicker ball speed off the clubface even when the swing speed remains the same. This is because of basic physics.

Are Titleist Golf Balls Reliable?

Since the beginning of the firm in 1935, Titleist has focused only on producing golf balls, and the company is pleased to boast that theirs is the best ball in the game of golf.

So not to toot their horn, but Titleist’s golf balls are one of the most reliable you can find in the market. According to some sources, it is so popular and reliable that more than 70% of PGA players play with Titleist golf balls.

Using My Handicap as a Guide, What Titleist Ball Should I Use?

In general, golfers with a high handicap would benefit more from using a Titleist TruFeel than any other club.

Because distance is a concern for high handicap players, lower compression balls often have a softer feel and collapse more than higher compression balls, which results in more range off the tee and fairway.

Players with a handicap ranging from medium to low may wish to consider using a ball with greater compression since these balls give much more grip than their rivals with lower compression.

Ultimate 2021 Titleist Golf Balls Comparison and Review


If you want the best golf ball possible for golf, go for any Titleist golf ball, as it is the best brand for golf balls!

We have high hopes that our Titleist golf ball comparison chart will now assist you in making the right decision and get you started on the path to playing with a golf ball that will maximize your game in all aspects.

Still not sure which ball to choose? Titleist offers a golf ball fitting tool that can help you select the perfect ball for your game.

Don’t forget to check out Titleist’s golf ball comparison chart before you make your final decision. It’s a helpful tool that can help you compare the different models and find the perfect one for your game. Good luck!

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