Callaway Superhot vs Supersoft Golf Balls 2022: Which is Best?

Callaway is widely recognized as being among the most renowned golf equipment manufacturers in the world. They provide anything and everything that you might need while playing the golf course.

In addition, their variety of golf balls is rather exceptional, which is not surprising given the company’s nature.

Because it manufactures a ball suitable for every kind of player, you might argue that this brand ensures that every golfer can find a Callaway branded golf ball that is tailored to meet their specific needs and hide their imperfections.

Therefore we picked the two tycoons in the Soft Golf Ball Category and put them head to head!

Finally, after analyzing the differences and similarities between the Callaway Superhot vs Supersoft golf balls, we will conclude that one of these two balls is superior in some features and characteristics.

Continue reading to get more information and choose which option caters to your playing style. And if you are running late, check out these links below and order!

In hurry, the Callaway Superhot golf ball is designed for players who want maximum distance. Supersoft golf ball is Callaway softest and most forgiving ball. It is designed for players who want more control and a softer feel.

Difference Between Superhot and Supersoft in 2023

In this part of the article, we will contrast the Callaway Superhot with the Supersoft in a comparison table, looking at the similarities and distinctions between the two golf balls based on various features.

The cherry on top will be your decision of whichever of the two is the winner in each of the many categories!

FeaturesCallaway SuperhotCallaway Supersoft
Callaway Golf 2020 SuperHot Golf Balls (White)Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (2021 Version, White)
SpinLowLow - Mid
FeelSoftExtremely Soft
Construction3 Piece2 Piece
CoreHigh EnergyZero Compression
Swing Speed90-100 mphUnder 90 mph
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Supersoft is one of Callaway’s most popular golf balls. It’s designed for golfers who want an extremely soft feel and superior distance. The Supersoft golf ball has a low compression core and a soft, thin cover. It’s also one of the lightest golf balls on the market.

The ball has a low compression core and a thin cover, which combine to create less spin and more speed. And with its HEX Aerodynamics, the Supersoft provides longer, straighter flight.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally soft feel, superior distance, and straighter flight, then the Callaway Supersoft is the golf ball for you.

It’s also one of the most durable balls on the market, so you can play it for many rounds without worrying about it wearing down. And if you’re looking for superior greenside control, the Supersoft is a great choice.

Key benefits of the Supersoft golf ball:

  • Extremely soft feel
  • Superior distance
  • Low spin for increased speed
  • HEX Aerodynamics for straighter flight
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent greenside control

Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Balls

The Superhot Bold is a three-piece ball with a soft cover, designed for excellent spin and control around the green.

To keep the ball in the air longer and with a solid flight, it also has an aerodynamic design that is built for low drag and excellent lift.

This makes it ideal for long-distance shots off of the driver, as well as all the way through your short irons.

Some of the key features that set the Superhot Bold apart from other golf balls on the market are its speed and distance. The ball has a fast initial velocity, which leads to longer carries and more distance off the tee.

In addition, the ball’s dimple pattern is designed to promote a penetrating ball flight, which results in more roll after landing.

If you’re looking for a golf ball that offers speed, distance, and control, then the Superhot Bold is a great option. It’s one of the best all-around golf balls on the market and is sure to improve your game.

Key benefits of the Superhot golf ball:

  • Fast initial velocity for longer carries and more distance
  • Excellent spin and control around the greens
  • Soft cover for a great feel
  • The dimple pattern promotes a penetrating ball flight

Callaway Superhot vs Supersoft Golf Balls: Know The Diff!

Finding the golf ball that best suits your needs and preferences may be a time-consuming and difficult process, not to mention an expensive one if you purchase a variety of balls to test out and compare.

Because there are so many various types of golf balls available nowadays, it might be challenging to decide which one to buy.

Callaway Superhot vs Supersoft Golf Balls

We are happy to be of assistance to you, and in this article, we will compare two of the most popular products offered by the well-known Callaway brand (The Superhot vs The Supersoft).

We will analyze the many features and characteristics of each, and then we will suggest which one you need to prioritize when getting prepared for your next round of golf.


The compression grade of the Callaway Supersoft golf ball is astoundingly low, only 38, making it a very low-compression version of the game.

On the PGA compression scale, the ball registers a zero, indicating that it has a very low compression level.

Superhot balls have a compression rating of 70, which is still on the lower end of the range, which indicates that they are soft. However, unlike the Supersoft series, it is nothing compared to the Supersoft.

Because of the extremely low compression of the SuperSoft, it is sometimes considered illegal in some tournaments.

This is because the SuperSoft needs less striking effort to achieve sufficient momentum for longer distances. When the balls are struck, they compress more, and the force that causes this is distributed evenly across the ball.

The end effect is reduced drag and greater flight. This, in turn, leads to being considered an unfair advantage.


In this environment, the only factors that will show a discernible distinction between the two balls are your swing speed and follow-through after each stroke.

If you tend to put in more effort and see things through to the conclusion, the Superhot will better suit your style.

Those who have a tendency to “over-stroke” their putts will find these putters easier to handle because of the high compression core.

The Supersoft balls are going to be a better choice for you if you have a style that involves a slower swing speed. These golf balls don’t need a lot of effort on your part in order to go a significant distance toward the pin.


The Callaway Superhot tends to spin at a slightly lower average speed than the other. This was noticed with the golf drivers and the full irons; the ball moved farther despite having less spin. This was also the case with the golf wedges.

You will always benefit from the extraordinary increase in distance, but there is a caveat to it that you should be aware of. A lower amount of backspin will give you more of a trough, which will make it easier for you to retain the green with long iron blows.

The Callaway Supersoft helps maintain the spin considerably more under control when utilizing longer-length clubs.

As a result, it is significantly more beneficial for individuals who like slower swing rates. The nature of the cover often determines the shorter spin.

Because the core is not too compressed, the shots and chips are somewhere between lower swing speeds.

Because the ionomer covers are significantly tougher than the others, there is less spin on the lower speed swings, such as the chips and pitches.


The Callaway Supersoft construction is quite unique, having just two layers. The cover is made of a trionomer mix, while the core is made of polybutadiene.

The Supersoft is about as straightforward as golf balls come, yet it provides an incredible amount of distance and speed that can cater to the abilities and play style of weak swingers and high handicappers.

The whole surface of the golf ball is coated with the brand’s unique HEX Aerodynamics dimple design.

This pattern reduces the rear-end suction that causes the ball to be pulled back during flight, resulting in more lift and a longer carry distance.

Since the trionomer cover material is so supple and comfortable, the ball may provide a very gratifying experience when played in close quarters.

Callaway offers another choice with similar construction. The Superhot series has a three-piece manufacturing method.

This method includes a soft trionomer mix cover that features the same HEX Aerodynamics design. The construction has a dual-core on the inside, with the outer core being much firmer than the inner core.

Combined, these materials enhance the energy preserved from the ball’s exterior to the center of the ball. This is accomplished by compressing the materials like a spring, which then allows the momentum to be released for an explosive launch.

Aside from everything, the Superhot was developed to reduce the likelihood of hooks and slices by using its innovative core material to remedy some of the most frequent driver mishits.

Moreover, the Superhot was created to maximize distance and accuracy. Even if you don’t always hit the target flush with the Superhot, you can still get a very straight trajectory out of it because of this design feature.


The Callaway Supersoft is perfect for players of any age who choose a more forgiving feel while still maintaining a powerful stroke.

This ball produces a straight and accurate launch off the tee, a smooth landing with minimum roll on the fairways or putting greens, and it gives the option for shaping, but it also delivers a soft landing and little roll on the fairway.

In contrast, the Callaway Superhot is designed for golfers with a high handicap who may not have the ability to strike a ball flush every time it’s attempted.

The dual-core characteristics of the ball make it possible to reduce the likelihood of slices and hooks, resulting in a driving trajectory that is reasonably straight, even when the ball is mishits.

Fairway Approach

The Callaway Supersoft balls are going to be a better choice for you if you have a slower swinging speed and are looking for more distance on your approach shots.

Even though they are not very effective at controlling the immediate area around the green, they are wonderful for bringing you closer to your aim from the fairways and on long shots.

The superhot provided an exceptional feeling when hitting fairway shots with a mid-iron. They see no loss in either their distance or their ability to hit the target straight while using irons. In addition, they make it possible to have a decent level of control over approach shots.

You won’t get the kind of spin control from either of these balls that you would get with more sophisticated Tour category balls. When playing with Supersoft, you must take caution if you are getting close to very fast greens.

However, this is something that is realistic to be anticipated with these kinds of balls. Here the true winner is super soft.


The low compression of the Callaway Supersoft makes it simpler for golfers with slower swings to hit the ball further. The core of the ball is made of advanced material, which eliminates unwanted spinning during long-range play.

Not only that, the HEX Aerodynamic design enables exceptional drag reduction and enhanced carry distance.

Now let’s talk about the Callaway’s wild card, the Superhot. The Superhot has an Ultra-thin cover material which helps to optimize the rate of restitution for lower energy and swing loss.

The Dual-core structure stores energy and unleashes it on the upswing for a powerful lift. Similar to Supersoft, the Superhot is also equipped with HEX Aerodynamics which ensures the lowest degree of drag possible.


In light of these pricing considerations, the Supersoft version of the Callaway golf ball is the most cost-effective option. Although the Superhot has a bit hefty price tag, as a golfer, you will enjoy the added benefit of having three more balls available to play with at any one moment.

Alternatives to the Superhot and SuperSoft

In the event that you are not able to get the superhot or the supersoft balls. Don’t worry, and we have a great suggestion for alternatives.

These golf balls are just as good as Callaway Superhot and Supersoft Golf Balls. You might be wondering what makes us say that?

Well, we searched through many articles, videos, and amazon reviews to come to that conclusion. The alternatives have similar features and ratings. So without further ado, let’s take a look!

Srixon Soft Feel Alternative to SuperSoft

The two-piece Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is the ideal alternative to the Callaway SuperSoft ball, and it is the golf ball that we will be reviewing today.

The Soft Feel is an excellent beginning point for players of any skill level while being designed as the more affordable choice for the brand.

The Soft Feel golf balls, similar to the SuperSoft, are true to their name since they are constructed with a FastLayer core as well as an outer ionomer cover.

These golf balls have a touch that is comparable to the feeling they generate upon impact, which is to say that they are exceedingly soft. The spin of irons and wedges, in addition to the driver, has a tendency to be on the lower end of the scale.

Soft Feel provides a constant feel and performance, which will be beneficial to golfers just starting out. These golf balls have a compression of 60, making them even close to the SuperSoft. Players can score the birdies they have always been dreaming of with this ball!

TaylorMade Soft Response Alternative to Superhot

The new TaylorMade Soft Response golf ball has the softest feel among the new balls. Because they provide a slightly enhanced feel upon contact, soft golf balls are best suited for swing speeds that fall anywhere between moderate and slow.

The Soft Response uses a soft ionomer cover just on the ball, which contributes to an improved feel and offers great endurance hit after hit.

Its inside is generally more forgiving than the cores of most of the other balls available on the market.

On the other hand, the lower spin rates are more forgiving and make it easier to maintain the ball on its intended path.

Greenside spin is also reduced, and the impact of the landing on the ball is going to be gentle. Compared to the Superhot, the golf ball is similar in various aspects, including compression, swing, and cost.

You can be certain that this golf ball is a worthy contender for the title of the perfect alternative to the Callaway Superhot. Put away those clubs and start pounding out those hits!

Which one is Better?

When it boils down to it, the Callaway Supersoft and Superhot both deliver rather outstanding performance. However, if you want to know whichever of the two will best fit your talent and play style, you must identify how they are on the fairway.

So, which golf ball wins in the huge Callaway Supersoft versus Superhot argument?

The Callaway Superhot provides that traditional golf ball feels with its two-piece structure and extra soft design. The Supersoft is a delight for slow and smooth shots, but it also plays well for long-distance shots thanks to its ultra-soft low-compression design.

The Callaway Superhot, on the other hand, is a little stiffer ball that is still classified as low-compression. These golf balls can turn any mediocre golfer into a professional off the tee by providing exceptional distance ability.

Sure, they’re not as comfortable on the green as the Supersoft, but these would have been the golf balls to beat if the length was the goal. Thus, making the Supersoft Winner!


We can understand why a lot of people believe that these two balls are really similar to one another. Both make it simple to get a decent start in terms of distance, and each one is best used with a certain sort of skill and strength.

However, we believe that Supersoft offers a superior bargain. Therefore we will stick with the Callaway Supersoft.

Although it is a bit pricier, and even though they have practically the exact same characteristics and specifications as the Supersoft balls, they are much more likely to assist a greater number of players in reaching the next level in their game.

Try out the Callaway Supersoft or the Superhot if you want to bust past the limit that has been keeping you from reaching your full potential in the game!

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