Top 7 Best Golf Shoes For The Money: 2023 Updated

If you’re going to be walking the golf course it’s super important that you pick the right shoe to keep your feet comfortable. In this post, I’m going to be talking about my top 7 favorite golf shoes and the cheapest place to pick them up.

Here are the top 7 best golf shoes:

That’s just my personal opinion. I tried to find different shoes from different price ranges and these were my favorites. Continue reading for a more detailed review of each.


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#7: PUMA Grip Fusion

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on golf shoes and live in a fairly dry area then these could be perfect for you.

They’re comfortable out of the box and don’t need much time to break in and I was surprised with how well they gripped without spikes.

One of the reasons I like this style is that they have mesh on them which gives a little bit more ventilation on the hot days.


  • The price is super affordable.
  • They don’t have spikes so you can wear them as everyday shoes.
  • They’re a lot nicer than some of the other golf shoes.


  • They aren’t going to hold up as long as some of the more expensive options.
  • They aren’t waterproof.
  • They run a little small so get a half size up.
PUMA Golf Grip Fusion Sport SKU: 9162811

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#6: Adidas TOUR360

If you prefer the mesh looking style but want a bit more quality then these could be for you.

I like this style because they let my feet breathe more but they’re also more waterproof compared to the PUMA (not 100% though).

They are quite a bit more expensive and I’d like to see a bit more heel support but I do think the quality is there to last longer.


  • They don’t require much breaking in time.
  • You can wear them barefoot if you like.
  • They’re extremely comfortable to wear.


  • I’d like to see more support in the heel.
  • They’re a little snug and not the easiest to get on.
  • The price is getting a bit up there.
Adidas Tour360 Knit Triple Black Boost Golf Shoes...FIRST LOOK!

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#5: FootJoy Pro SL

If you prefer the more classic look in a golf shoe and walk the course a lot then these could be for you.

They are fairly reasonably priced and one of the cooler things is that you don’t have to replace the spikes on the bottom.

They don’t have as much ventilation as the previous but they offer more support and are extremely high-quality and will last.


  • They come in a wide range of colors.
  • The quality seems really high and will most likely last a long time.
  • They were nice and stable.


  • Some people say to get a half size up and some say half size down.
  • I don’t find them to be as comfortable as the mesh style.
Mark Crossfield buying guide to the Footjoy Pro SL golf shoes

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#4: Under Armour Spieth 3

If you like the classic look, want the highest quality possible, and have the cash to spend then these could be for you.

They are fairly pricey but the quality seems great and they’re some of the most comfortable ones I’ve tried (not as much as the Spieth 2 but maybe needs to be worked in).

I did get the white ones but they do seem to stain pretty easily.


  • They are extremely stable and grip well.
  • I’ve had them in some pretty wet conditions and they’ve always stayed dry.
  • They’re a great looking shoe.


  • They’re the most expensive men’s shoes on this list.
  • You can’t really wear them off the golf course.
  • It’s really hard to find new spike replacements.
Has Under Armour Finally Cracked It? Spieth 3 Shoe Review | Golf Monthly

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#3: Adidas Tech Response

These are my favorite budget golf shoes because they’re lightweight, super comfortable, and can be thrown in the wash to clean.

If you do have wider feet then make sure you get the wide version and they’re not going to be as waterproof as some of the others.

They also have mesh on them which makes them breathable but I like them mostly because they feel like ordinary running shoes.


  • The price is great.
  • They don’t need a very long break-in period.
  • They’re the most comfortable shoes at this price point.


  • They aren’t going to be very waterproof.
  • They wear out after a couple of seasons.
  • If you’re heavier you’ll probably need gel insoles.
Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe Unboxing

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#2: ECCO Biom Hybrid 3

This is my favorite golf shoe for women and is the one my girlfriend has been using.

They are pricey but they come in a wide range of colors, seem to be extremely well made, and have great support.

They are fairly tight in the toes but they’re a great option if you’re going to be golfing in the early morning when it’s cold and wet.


  • The arch support is great and we’ve never had problems with sore feet.
  • They are spikeless so you can wear them off the course.
  • They’re waterproof.


  • They do take a little bit of time to break them in.
  • They’re the most expensive shoe on this list.
Review: Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 and Biom G3 shoes

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#1: PUMA Ignite Nxt

These are my favorite golf shoes right now because they’re reasonably priced, are the most comfortable, and can be worn off the course.

They are mesh and are NOT waterproof but they have a good amount of ventilation to keep your feet cool on hot days.

This style of shoe is so much nicer to play in compared to the classic golf shoe and that’s why I could never go back.


  • They are nice and stable throughout my swing.
  • There are no spikes on them so they stay clean and can be worn off the course.
  • Comfort is top-notch.


  • They won’t perform that well in wet conditions (will get wet and slip).
  • You’ll probably need to get half a size smaller.
Golf Spotlight 2019 - Puma Golf IGNITE NXT

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